Become Your Own DJ With the Top 7 Music Mixing Apps

Have you ever wanted to become your very own DJ? Maybe you thought that you don’t have the skills or the talent to become one or don’t have the time or money to invest in classes. However, that’s not the case anymore with the advent of the smartphone and the rise of apps that we use in our everyday lives. You can now become your very own DJ with the help of some helpful apps on your smartphone. Keep reading down below to learn more about seven of these apps and how you can take advantage of them.

1. Pacemaker

If you are an ambitious DJ and you want to get a quick start in the industry, then you have got to try Pacemaker. This is a fantastic app that has beautiful neon visuals and is super easy for you to get used to and you can start using right away. You will be able to bring in your music from iTunes or music from Spotify and start mixing them right away with the easy-to-use controls. There are plenty of extra add-ons that you can purchase in-store to make your mixes even more unique to you. How easy does that all sound?

2. Djay 2

Next up, we have one for the Best apps out there for creating mixes on your smartphone from one of the most established companies in this industry. You are going to get a digital set of disks to work off of in this app, and you can stream your music from Spotify, like the first app on this list. This is The Best app for those of you who are still getting used to the DJing world, but you still want to go for some more of the advanced aspects right away.

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3. Serato Pyro

This app is one that’s more aimed at your music fans out the re. When you pull out songs from Spotify or iTunes that you want to mix, the app is going to automatically suggest new songs that would go great together with the music that you have pulled out. Pyro is one of those apps that mixes the music together for you automatically, making it great if you’re just starting out as a DJ at some parties around town. You can even get an acoustic panel from Vinylvintage.

4. Edjing 5

The next app we have on the list is another one of the more traditional DJ apps on the market, so you know this one is the real deal. One for the Best parts of this app is that you have extra streaming services available to choose from when you want to bring in music for your mixes. For example, you can bring in music from your Sound Cloud account, which is used by DJs often to create mixes. There are a lot of choices available for both novices and experts in the field to make mixes that are unique to them.

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5. Djay Pro

The next app on this list is one that’s won multiple awards for its amazing design and user interface. Djay Pro is going to be perfect for those of you who are already pretty into being a DJ and know what you’re doing as there are some complicated controls on this app.

6. Cross DJ

This next one is The Best option for you if you don’t want to pay any money on the app, but still, have the option for some great in-app purchases. You will be able to pull music from your local music collection or with Sound Cloud, so the opportunities are pretty endless.

7. Traktor DJ

The last app that we have on the list is one that’s best left to those experts in the DJ field. You will have a very hands-on experience with the waveforms that are right there on the screen for you to see.

And there you have it! When you are thinking about becoming a DJ, then these apps are the first ones that you have got to check out.

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