Best Alter­na­tives of Pock­et Casts for Android and iOS

Best Alter­na­tives of Pock­et Casts for Android and iOS

In this article, we will talk about the Best Alter­na­tives of Pock­et Casts for Android and iOS. We tried our best to review the Best Alter­na­tives of Pock­et Casts for Android and iOS. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Alter­na­tives of Pock­et Casts for Android and iOS with your social network.

The Best Alter­na­tives of Pock­et Casts for Android and iOS

Pocket Casts has been the preferred choice when it comes to offering the best podcast listening expertise. Unfortunately, Pocket Casts became embroiled in controversy in China, where it was pulled from the country’s iOS App Store. China’s Cyberspace Administration revealed that the app could be used to access illegal content in the country and demanded that Apple remove the app for violating Chinese law.

In particular, Castro – another great podcast app – has also been pulled from the App Store in China. We understand it wasn’t the apps’ fault, but still, if you’re worried about the future or just looking for something new, we have the best Pocket Casts alternatives for Android and iOS that you can use.


If you are looking for a complete Pocket Casts alternative for iPhone and iPad, Overcast might be the right answer for your needs. The app features an intuitive UI and offers many excellent features. You can browse the growing collection and download your favorite podcasts to watch up with them offline. Just like Pocket Casts, it too features multiple smart filters to create custom playlists to easily access the podcasts you love to listen to.

In terms of personalized recommendations, Overcast is very similar to Pocket Casts. The app keeps track of your interest and provides you with appropriate recommendations so you can quickly access the kind of podcasts that suit your tastes. Other feature of note is the easy podcast management. Based on your needs, you can set priorities by podcast and rearrange the list to your liking.

With timely changes, it keeps you in sync with the latest news so you don’t miss it. One of my favorites features of Pocket Casts is a very cool podcast player that offers cool customization for a fully customized podcast listening.

Podcast Addiction

What Overcast is for iOS, Podcast Addict is for Android. The 4.7 stars out of 5 out of 500,000+ reviews and over 9 million downloads show how popular it is on Android devices. Another department that scores very well is personalization. You can adjust the playback speed and use features like loop mode, sleep timer and shuffle mode to enhance your podcast listening experience.

Compared to Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict seemed a little better in terms of audio effects. In the presence of features like mono playback, volume boost, skip silence and the ability to work as a standalone player make it very user friendly. In addition, it provides super useful automation such as auto-update, download and deletion. So you won’t have to worry about manual cleaning up unnecessary episodes or downloading your favorite podcasts. Thanks to support for Chromecast and Sonos, you can also stream your favorite podcasts on your streaming device.

If you use RSS reader feeds, you’ll love the option to import OPML files within the app. Also, the ability to import audiobooks from the device and play them directly from the app is worth noting. considering these features, Podcast Addict can easily claim to be one of the best Pocket Casts replacements for Android.

Google podcasts

If I were to choose a Pocket Casts alternative purely based on a personalized experience, Google Podcasts would be one of my top picks. The app offers a variety of podcasts such as comedy, news, politics, entertainment, business and sports. So regardless of what kind of podcasts you like to listen to, you’ll have complete coverage.

When it comes to personalization, Google Podcasts can go well with Pocket Casts. You can adjust playback speed, skip silence or queue up episodes for continuous listening. Furthermore, Google Podcasts also comes with a useful download manager. Like Pocket Casts, it lets you automatically download apps so they’re available when you want to listen to them offline. And with a smart cleaning tool, you can keep the app hassle-free by deleting the redundant episodes.

Furthermore, the app makes it very simple to keep track of your listening history, downloads and subscriptions. Therefore, managing history in Google Podcasts is less tedious than in Pocket Casts. Above all, Google Assistant is always available to let you play or search for a specific podcast faster. All considered; Google Podcasts is probably the smartest Pocket Cast replacement out there.

Apple Podcasts

Why look elsewhere when you already have a top-notch podcast app on your iOS device? You guessed! Well, I’m talking about the Apple Podcasts app that comes bundled with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The app also has a clutter-free UI for quick browsing. Of course, Apple’s offering is far from being as elegant as Pocket Casts. However, when it comes to getting the job done, it’s up for the task.

One of the biggest advantages of Apple Podcasts is their integration with Siri. You can ask Siri to play podcasts on your iPhone, Mac, and even HomePod. And your game history is synced across devices for free, which is icing on the cake.

Like Pocket Casts, Apple’s offering also offers a full-featured download manager. you can configure it up to automatically download all new episodes so they’re always ready, even when you don’t have an internet connection. After playing the episodes, the app automatically deletes them so that useless episodes don’t take up too much storage space. Overall, you’re getting a great podcast listening experience, and that too, for free.

Podcast Guru

Another podcast app that has never failed to amaze me is Podcast Guru. Both in terms of quality and quantity, the app can be a strong competition for Pocket Casts. Unlike Pocket Casts, Podcast Guru has a clean user interface that makes browsing a breeze. Also, its freemium version doesn’t seem bloated by ads.

You can count on this app not to bother you with too many ads. It often becomes a little inconvenient to find the best podcasts, despite a ton of AI-driven intelligence. That’s why the app provides reliable ratings and ratings by Podchaser so you can easily find the podcasts you want.

Like Pocket Casts, Podcast Guru comes with a smart download manager to prevent downloaded episodes from taking up precious space on your device. Depending on your needs, you can choose to download episodes only on Wi-Fi to prevent the app from swallowing up a lot of mobile data and save episodes to removable storage to easily delete them.

What’s more, Podcast Guru features a super practical dark mode to not only protect your eyes against straining, but also extend your device’s battery life. Keeping in mind these features, is a Pocket Casts capable alternative for Android devices.

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