Best Apps of DLNA Media Server for Android Device

Best Apps of DLNA Media Server for Android Device

In this article, we will talk about the Best Apps of DLNA Media Server for Android Device. We tried our best to review the Best Apps of DLNA Media Server for Android Device. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Apps of DLNA Media Server for Android Device with your social network.

The Best Apps of DLNA Media Server for Android Device

A DLNA server software is an application that allows you to share your computer’s media with your Android phone, game console, TV, media players, iPhone and more, while device-to-device connectivity is created via the DLNA protocol. DLNA is an apt moniker for something totally scarier – Digital Living Network Alliance.

What it does, however, is anything but daunting, allowing you to connect DLNA-compatible devices to each other and seamlessly stream data between them, photos, videos, your Android home screen, etc. DLNA is often used interchangeably with Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols. However, this is not accurate as DLNA has enhanced the media-focused UPnP protocol. Now that you know about DLNA, you’re probably wondering why you need DLNA media server software.

A media server allows you to share your movies, music and photos via DLNA protocol. This means that DLNA compatible devices such as TVs, game consoles and media players can readily play your media from your device. home media server over the network easily. DLNA media servers also often add additional functionality such as extracting metadata such as movie skins and transcoding your video files to ensure playback on a wide variety of devices.

Check the list of the best DLNA Media Server apps for Android devices


Plex is one of the best streaming media apps today. Its interfaces are elegant, it downloads all kinds of metadata for your media to make it look elegant and professional. In addition, Plex can also be enabled to function as a DLNA server (Settings -> Server -> DLNA), so you can connect it wirelessly with all your DLNA certificates home devices and give them the front end they deserve – whether it’s on your Android tablet or Android TV.

It is well known for its compatibility, wide range of supported devices and easy configuration. It has free and paid versions. Its free version lets you share files locally, while with the paid version you can stream media from the cloud and also sync media.

Plex is actually based on our favorite Kodi / XBMC frontend, but has added a number of features as a separate client/server configuration, transcoding and metadata processing. Your comprehensive set of features made it one of the most popular media servers out there.


Kodi is open source media software. Unlimited offers features in a user-friendly and attractive interface that brings your stored media to life. In addition to its similar functionality with Plex, Kodi excels up with some additional features. Some of them include PVR: to let you watch and record live TV on popular backends, Remote Interface: brings remote controls, web browser, ability to customize the interface using various themes, and finally access to third party tools .

Kodi’s biggest advantage for Android users is that it’s packed with add-ons, from official ones like YouTube and major sports channels, to repositories that give you access to channels from all over the world. Of course, it’s also great for streaming locally stored media.

Kodi’s specialty is video, and its UI is tailored for that, but you can also use it to view photos and listen to the radio. If you want to stream music, there are better options available.


It is the most rich media server out there. It allows you to stream and stream media to any DLNA compliant device with ease. With playOn, you can pre-record TV shows to watch later. It also allows for easy integration of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, making it one of the few media servers to have this feature.

In addition to being able to stream your movies, music and photos from your PC to DLNA compatible devices, PlayOn’s home the media server software can also record from multiple sources, skip recording ads, and more.

It is also one of the few media servers that support online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Those who want to access their media on the go can use the built-in web interface or the dedicated PlayOn mobile apps on iOS and Android.


Emby is a more flexible option as it lets you customize it the way you want. It is compatible with many devices, including game consoles. It organizes your media into a central database and is accessible using web-based management tools. You can also manage and change the metadata of all your files and share them across different devices.

And most importantly, it offers cloud sync to give you the option to sync your personal media to the cloud to get back up, convert or archive your content for an exciting streaming experience across devices.


VLC is one of the best multimedia players, but surprisingly it is also a very good DLNA streaming application. You can use the location of the content on your local media server and then use it to stream it to other streaming devices such as Chromecast.

The app has a simple, easy-to-see interface and has evolved immeasurably since it came out of beta a few years ago. Even though VLC isn’t as popular on Android as it is on PC, it remains a top choice. As we all know that VLC is known for its simplicity and ease of use, you can also use DLNA functionality quite easily. Also, VLC is completely free to use, no strings attached.


LocalCast is one of the best DLNA Streaming apps for Android in 2021. When it comes to local streaming app, LocalCast is considered one of the best and works well with most devices.

LocalCast works with popular devices like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, game consoles and all major Smart TV brands. It tends to have higher quality video streaming output than even Google’s own apps like Google Photos, it has its own browser that you can stream and can stream from the network storage on your home, making it an excellent and easy-to-use package.

The app also comes with DLNA support, and you can stream the data to any DLNA certified device on your home. It also works seamlessly with other notable devices like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, game consoles, smart TVs and more.

Hi-Fi Cast + DLNA

As the name suggests, Hi-Fi Cast + DLNA is a dedicated DLNA streaming app that you can use to play music from DLNA certified devices.

you can define up all kinds of shuffles of your music, be it individual tracks, artists or albums, and you can play music from your Android device or from other DLNA devices that contain the music. If it’s just music you want to stream, this is your best choice.

It also lets you play music from your smartphone, but if you like, you can stream music from other DLNA streaming devices. The problem with this app is that it’s limited to just listening to music, so if you want a music-centric DLNA streaming app, give this one a try.


BubbleUPnP is one of the most popular and best DLNA streaming apps for Android in 2021. It is an advanced DLNA streaming app and you can use it to stream media to any DLNA certified device from your smartphone.

In addition, it also comes with some multimedia controls that you can use to manage playlists, set the timer, shuffle modes and much more. BubbleUPnP UPnP / DLNA allows you to stream your content straight from your device to your DLNA compatible device.

It supports Chromecast, any DLNA enabled TV and the latest generation of gaming consoles. In addition to basic streaming, it also comes with features such as play queue, editable playlists, scrobbling, sleep timer and various shuffle modes. It has a full-screen image viewer and a remote control function.

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