Best Apps to merge Videos on Android device for free

Best Apps to merge Videos on Android device for free

In this article, we will talk about the Best Apps to merge Videos on Android device for free. We tried our best to review the Best Apps to merge Videos on Android device for free. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Apps to merge Videos on Android device for free with your social network.

The Best Apps to merge Videos on Android device for free

With the increasing development of technology, we have seen the proficiency that Android and iPhone smartphones have brought with them. With this development, there was a need to split or merge videos to facilitate transfer through these devices. Therefore, the exposure of video joiners and blending tools has been evident. However, iPhone and Android apps are regularly small and less complicated apps that offer a simple interface for easier and faster operations. Video processing time will certainly depend on the size of the video files.

To create great content on YouTube, a lot of people these days use your phones for amazing photos. Even the iPhone 11 Pro guarantees a professional level of creations. If you are an Android phone user, you can cut, cut, film, edit and join your videos on your Android phone in itself. all android phones doesn’t have a good video editing app, most Android users will have to download them from the Play Store.

Best apps to merge videos on android device for free

Filmora Go

This app is for anyone looking for a free, easy-to-use video editing app to create videos for social media platforms and YouTube. With Filmora Go, you can accelerate up or slow down any part of the video, add classic transitions like dissolve, wipe, etc. In addition, you can also add, cut and combine two videos into one with Filmora Go.

It has a variety of different features and it can do much more than combine videos. Many videos can be gathered with the help of this app. There is a plus sign in the bottom right corner with the help you can clip these videos

The first option on the list of the best Android apps for joining videos is Filmora Go, which is named as the best video editing app. Furthermore, the compatibility of this application far exceeds the real expectations of its users, with the help of which you will be able to have access to powerful and efficient video editors with plenty of features.


It’s a great video editing app where you can merge videos by clicking the plus sign. Its user interface is very friendly and it also has editing tools to change the speed of videos, cropping, color correction and skin smoothing. You can also add transitions and select an animation. It offers excellent quality and 4K export, but puts a small watermark, which is the only downside.

It is a complete video editing app, available on the Google Play Store, which is now used by millions of users. With ActionDirector, you can record a new video or edit existing ones. You can even accelerate up or slow down any part of the video, add text effects, add transition effects, add overlays and filters, etc. Some basic video edits features from ActionDirector include trimming, cropping, combining videos, adding soundtracks, etc.


KineMaster is probably the best and highest rated video editor and video creator app available for Android smartphones. The good thing about KineMaster is that it offers all kinds of editing tools to professionally edit videos. With this app, you can combine multiple layers of videos, images, special effects and more. Yes, it can also be used to combine multiple videos. Overall, KineMaster is a great video editing app for Android.

It is a suitable desktop video editor that you should use on your computer. Multiple clips can be added to the video, but it’s actually not an easy process. It has a handy button with the help of which you can get the preview screen. More clips and layers can be added, along with audio, voice recording and another clip.

Video Merge

An awesome video splicing app for Android that makes video splicing tasks a breeze. With no limitations or financial resources to operate it, it is efficient for both professional and novice users. It frees you from adware, spyware or malware disturbances and can support almost every video format available. It even proves to be reliable as you can not only merge multiple files, but you can also merge files of different formats

Video Merger for Android is another recommended app to merge videos. In addition to joining, use this video splicing app to add overlays to your edited video and various effects that are available for free. With this lightweight software, you can join multiple video clips of various file formats. Interestingly, merged videos can be played in a variety of styles, including side-by-side, up-down and sequentially. After merging your videos, Video Merge allows you to preset the quality as UHD, HD or SD. Then you can share the video directly on social media.

VideoShow – Video Editor

This is probably the most powerful video editing program on Android. It gives you several options where you can not only join videos, but also join videos and photos, embed music, remove parts of video, remove watermark, add multiple subtitles as well as add multiple texts to your video. It supports most video file formats, which makes it a very favorable application.

Editing the videos is painless and has all the functions you would expect from a desktop program, except that you don’t need a mouse (even if it helps). Once you’ve finished your video, there are even community options to play with. In another tab of the app, there are contests, groups, etc. that help promote the socialization of video creators.

The icon makes it look older than it is, but VideoShow can still meet many video editing demands. VideoShow is probably the most intuitive tool I’ve used on Android for video blending, which is why I left it for the final. Each button on the main page quickly tells you what it’s for, and the app doesn’t waste your time.

YouCut video editing app

InShot video app developers have released this app. It is a great video editing application, completely free to use. It doesn’t even add a watermark to the edits, which makes it very popular with many. Various clips can be added to it in a very easy way. You can add cool effects, texts and emojis, filters, soundtrack very easily and you can even cut the video and crop them. You can even adjust video color, make slideshows, compress videos in a very simple way.

It is one of the best and highest rated video editing apps available for Android devices. It is developed by the same team behind the InShot video editor. If we talk about the features from Youcut, the app can be used to add interesting filters, effects between clips. Also, Youcut can be used to cut, combine, add text or emojis to videos as well.

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