Best Augmented Reality App for Android

Best Augmented Reality App for Android

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The Best Augmented Reality App for Android

Augmented reality is a technology. which allows users to experience a 3D concept in the real world. This makes an illusion as if the virtual thing coexists with them in the physical world. think you want to buy some old furniture for your home. While photos, videos, and 360-degree photos are best, it’s rude to have doubts as to whether your selected furniture would go well with your decor. That’s when AR kicks in and offers an AR experience, you can check out how a desk looks in your study room or how a beanbag fits into your living room.

Augmented reality (AR) apps may seem futuristic, but shoppers are catching on to the trend much more than you might think. About 60% of them select stores that have AR as part of the experience. Not to mention, 40% would pay more for their products after trying them through AR. here has never been a good time to try some of the best AR apps for mobile gadgets. Augmented reality has come to your phone as today’s devices have more powerful processors, as well as cameras capable of immersive graphics throughout your phone Show.

Check out the list of the best augmented reality apps for Android


A great platform for home goods and furniture sellers, Houzz is one of the leading AR apps for planning layouts and interior design. mainly a home improvement app, Houzz has e-commerce functionality, allowing users to browse and buy products in the app.

The “View from My Room” feature uses AR technology to place products in a user photo home – using 3D technology, so that the resulting image is realistic. It even shows how the product will look in different lighting conditions. Consumers can literally buy a new sofa from their sofa.

Google Lens

Google Lens works mostly on your camera application, using the camera in your phone to intelligently digitize information, search for data, and then present that data as an overlay on the camera screen. However, you can also access features from Google Lens for things like your photos too.

Lens can define which categories certain images belong to, for example, or it can help you scan a document more efficiently when you don’t have a scanner available. The app, available as a standalone download for those who don’t already have it, can make the world around you more immersive and accessible in a matter of seconds.

Mission to Mars AR

Stepping on the moon is old fashioned. Humanity’s eyes are now firmly fixed on the Red Planet. Mission to Mars gives you a glimpse of what it can be like to be there – and how humanity is currently exploring the place. (Spoiler: The robots are doing all the heavy lifting.)

There are videos to watch and educational bits to read, but the AR experiences are much more interesting. You can stare wide-eyed at a rocket launch, try to control a terrifying landing sequence, or step onto Mars through a virtual portal. The best part, though, is shooting up scale model rover and zoom in on your house or street while making inappropriate brrmmm noises, oblivious to any neighbors (or martians) watching.

YouCam Makeup

When it comes to augmented reality apps, face adjustments, makeup and aging apps have revolutionized how much you can change reality. YouCam makeup app focuses on cosmetics, not cosmetics. If you don’t like makeup, you can still use this app and see how you would look with a specific set of makeup products.

However, the real magic of the app comes from the fact that this app lets you choose the perfect makeup. If you’re shopping at a mall and you like a specific foundation but don’t want to use the test kit that’s been played by a million strangers, YouCam is your app. This app also shows you how your makeup will look in a realistic light, not the flickering light of a mall makeup counter.

Google translator

Google Translate is without a doubt the best translation app available. It supports a tone of languages. You can translate back and forth between just about any of them. You can even translate in real time to chat with people. The augmented reality part of the app lets you point your camera in the text of another language.

The app then translates in real time. This can help you do things like read street signs or menus. Like the barcode scanner above, this is one of those super useful AR apps that a lot of people install. Microsoft Translator has a lot of the same features also.

IKEA location

It might seem strange to some to have an IKEA app on your mobile device, but IKEA Place is really something unique. As one of the top AR apps for home furniture, IKEA Place manages to provide a seamless and useful experience. As it uses overlay-based AR technology, it allows you to stimulate and visualize how furniture will look in your home.

IKEA Place offers a wide range of furniture in its catalog, and it’s a significant improvement over the brand’s previous experiences with AR. With this version, you can shop window shopping, but with the added benefit of seeing the furniture in action in your real space. This AR app perfectly suits interior designers, hobbyist decorators and even new homeowners.


If you prefer to use AR to play, you need to check out Ingress. Ingress is an immersive virtual world where you have to choose a side – be it the Resistance or the Shining. From that point on, your mission is to find virtual portals in the real world and capture them for your side.

Ingress has converted millions of users to the wonders of augmented reality games. Set in a complex sci-fi world, the game requires you to roam the real world, capturing or protecting locations. While it may not have the accessibility you get from other great games, if you try it you’ll find that Ingress has a large community of hardcore players ready to welcome you to the leaderboards.


Holo allows you to place a wide variety of holographic figures and models in an image or video. All of the holograms can be resized and rotated, and you can even walk around the virtual characters as if they were in the same room as you.

The app offers an extensive library of content to make your world more exciting. Plus, you can save and share your creation from the app’s built-in access to social media platforms.


There is a bit of art in everyone, but not everyone has the time to sit and practice hand drawing for hours and hours. Why not cheat a little? SketchAR is essentially AR tracing – trace a few circles on a piece of paper and choose a sketch, and SketchAR will project that image onto the paper, allowing you to trace around it.

It’s not exactly a stroke, as you’ll have a hard time matching the lines perfectly, but it works great if you’re looking to practice specific drawing techniques. SketchAR can be a little awkward holding a phone in one hand and drawing with the other isn’t exactly a natural position, but it’s worth a try. Works with small pieces of paper on most ARCore compatible devices phones.


Have you ever wanted to take a photo with mythical, extinct or wild animals? Or do you enjoy visualizing not just furniture, but cars, robots, and artwork inside your home? You can do all this with ARLOOPA. It is among the most fun AR apps on the market, being able to merge many things and virtual creatures with reality.

In addition, ARLOOPA also works as a 3D scanner app. With it, you can render 3D models of things you take pictures of. Enhancing content taken using the app is possible thanks to the multitude of filters and effects available.

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