Best Carbon Footprint Tracker Apps to Reduce Emission

Best Carbon Footprint Tracker Apps to Reduce Emission

In this article, we will talk about the Best Carbon Footprint Tracker Apps to Reduce Emission. We tried our best to review the Best Carbon Footprint Tracker Apps to Reduce Emission. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Carbon Footprint Tracker Apps to Reduce Emission with your social network.

The Best Carbon Footprint Tracker Apps to Reduce Emission

Climate change and environmental sustainability are currently top concerns for many large and small businesses around the world. Innovations in technology have enabled companies to understand and track their carbon emissions in powerful ways. In turn, this information and data can be used by companies to make smarter, more environmentally sound decisions about product innovations and even daily business practices.

We all need to lower our energy consumption if we are to protect our planet, but the concept of “energy savings” is rather abstract. Knowing your exact carbon footprint and tracking how much energy you’ve saved can give you a better idea of ​​your contribution to a greener environment.

We’ve all heard about reducing our carbon footprint, but what does it really mean and how do we know if our actions are good for the environment or make things worse.

Check out the list of the best carbon footprint tracking apps to reduce emissions


MyEarth is an energy tracking app that helps make daily energy usage easier. The app has a diary format where you can choose your daily activities to track your carbon emissions. Electricity, recycling, travel, food and usage are among the five categories available in the app. The app accumulates saved carbon units as soon as you mark activities in the list. The purpose of the app is to help you identify, understand and prioritize energy saving activities, as well as taking small steps that can have a big impact.

This app features a GPS-based algorithm that helps you track your flight modes along with estimated trips and automatically track transport emissions. The app predicts carbon dioxide emissions and provides information about them. This motivates you to make carbon-sensitive food and travel choices.

The app offers five categories: Electricity, Recycling, Travel, Food and Usage. After checking the activities from the list, the app collects the saved carbon units. The purpose of the app is to help you identify, understand and prioritize energy saving activities and take small steps that can have a wider impact.


Klima is a carbon offset app. The app suggests changes in food, transport, lifestyle and alternatives to its users. Klima includes a carbon calculator that measures your carbon footprint. It allows you to offset emissions along with personal monthly subscriptions.

Klima is a mobile application that allows you to offset your carbon emissions. The app offers users diet, transportation and lifestyle changes and alternatives. Klima comes with a carbon calculator to calculate your carbon footprint. It allows you to offset your emissions. The app offers a social sharing feature where enthusiasts can join the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. They also provide natural, technology-based and social repair solutions to their users.

With Klima, carbon neutral life has never been simpler. Calculate your carbon footprint and neutralize 100% of your CO2e emissions in just three minutes. Like? Funding science-based climate projects that capture or avoid the same emissions elsewhere. Next learn how to reduce your footprint sustainably and watch your positive impact grow.

map my emissions

This handy site will show you how many emissions you are emitting on a trip, whether on foot, by car, by public transport or by bicycle. It’s all based on Google Maps and you can feed the calculator very granular information about your transport methods – hence the engine size for cars.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, greenhouse gas emissions represent long-term costs to society as ‘climate change damage… includes, among other things, changes in agricultural productivity, human health, property damage due to increased risk of flooding and changes in energy system costs, such as reduced costs for heating and increased costs for air conditioning.

If you’re driving, you can choose whether it’s a van, taxi or car and the engine size it has to find out precisely how many emissions will be released on the way. This simple carbon calculator doesn’t let you track other things in your life like food or energy, but it does its unique job very well – you can calculate the carbon debt of any journey by (almost) any means.

hero of earth

The Earth Hero app can help you find out what you can do about climate change and what you can do about it. It lets you track and measure your carbon footprint, with over 100 custom stocks to choose from across multiple categories. You can also set your own environmental goals and share them with other users.

Earth Hero makes it easy to act on climate change. It helps you take positive practical steps in response to the climate emergency, while discovering more satisfying ways to live. Earth Hero connects you to an emerging global movement for the interconnected crises of climate change and rapid species loss.

To start using the app, you must first answer a series of simple questions. After answering these questions, he will show you a customized relative emission chart that compares your carbon emissions with those of others around the world and in your own country.

Carbon Footprint and CO2 Tracker

This app uses a GPS-based algorithm to track your modes of transport as well as estimated trips and transport emissions. The app predicts CO2 emissions and provides information about them. It encourages you to eat and travel in a carbon-conscious way.

The app includes a learning section that is updated weekly. Setup is simple; you just need to answer a few questions and this will help you set a target based on a 7.6% reduction. You can also view real-time CO2 emission data and receive a monthly CO2 offset report via email.


Capture is a carbon footprint tracker that helps you learn more about your carbon emissions and the carbon footprint of your daily lifestyle. Capture can help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle, whether it’s through sustainable travel, reducing your dietary carbon footprint or removing CO2 by offsetting the CO2 emissions you can’t avoid.

This app lets you track things like the type of food you eat as well as the carbon you use to get around. It can predict your mode of transport and calculate accordingly. You can also set a weekly goal to see how you rate. up against friends, as well as comparing your own issues from week to week.

There are also tips to reduce your carbon emissions, while you can also choose to offset it through recognized forestry projects. There are many categories of life where our daily actions result in CO2 emissions, and Capture is starting to help you reduce the carbon footprint of everyday travel choices.


Ecosia is an internet search engine that also plants trees. When you search for something, contextual ads are displayed along with the search results (provided by Bing) and Ecosia passes the revenue from these ads to tree planting projects. It’s a really simple and smart way to monetize something we all do, every day. As of this writing, Ecosia users have planted over 136 million trees.

Ecosia is a search engine like Google and uses its profits to plant trees. That’s right – by searching the web as you always do, you can help plant trees that sequester carbon and benefit the environment. It’s an extremely simple concept, and the company has planted tens of millions of trees. They also simplify the Google move (which, I admit, was a little scary to do, but otherwise it was a smooth transition for me).

In the app, you can search for materials, track their impact and learn more about the projects. You can also use the app to change the default search engine in your browser.


Record your ecological actions, such as recycling your waste correctly or turning off lights and shelves up points when doing this. Compete against other JouleBug users in your local area or friends who participate in sustainable challenges ​​to reach the top of the leader board, while becoming more aware of your daily actions and their impact on the environment.

The app rewards points for each activity entered. You can earn badges and become an expert in a specific category. There are many categories that include different activities. Every time you complete a certain activity, you can join the bandwagon button and get a reward.

JouleBug is a sustainability app that combines games and social media. Instead of sending out constant notifications, the app makes you update activities in the app as soon as you take some sustainability action. It also allows you to share stats with friends, where they can compete with each other to complete a greater number of actions. There’s a checklist of suggested actions for green living that you can check out once you’ve completed any of them.

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