Best Chrome Flags for Android

Best Chrome Flags for Android

In this article, we will talk about the Best Chrome Flags for Android. We tried our best to review the Best Chrome Flags for Android. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Chrome Flags for Android with your social network.

The Best Chrome Flags for Android

The Chrome browser is a widely used browser on Android and that’s because it comes pre-installed on most Android phones and regularly brings new and powerful features. Chrome comes with great tools, and if you’re familiar with Google, you know they’re always working to bring you new ones. features. Chrome flags are basically experimental features that Google is testing on Chrome OS or Chrome Browser. It’s worth noting that some flags are exclusive to Chrome OS, while others work across Chrome browsers for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Finally, flags are removed when they become part of a stable release of Chrome or are included in Chrome’s developer tools. After enabling a flag, you must restart your browser (or restart your computer if using Chrome OS) for the change to take effect. You should be aware that enabling flags carries some risk. Not all flags are stable and may cause erratic behavior on your browser or device. It is also important to understand that browser-based flags are not tested for online security protocols. This means that you face some security risks when carrying out financial transactions online using Chrome’s untested flags.

Check out the list of the best Chrome flags for Android

Tab Grid Layout

The Tab Grid Layout lets you arrange the tabs open in the tab switcher as adjacent rectangular thumbnails. In Portrait view, you can see two tabs in a row and six on the visible screen phone screen, similar to a matrix-like grid. The goal is to get a zoomed-in view of all open tabs and freely move the tabs to any grid thumbnail with a drag and drop action.

You can further organize tab blocks into multiple tab groups for a more organized look. Chrome developers are working on a grouping of tabs feature for a long time and it’s finally here. You can search for “Tab Groups” in Chrome’s flags and enable all three flags on your Android device. After that, search for “Tab Grid Layout” and enable it.

dark mode

Dark mode is a display setting for user interfaces such as a smartphone or laptop. This means that instead of the default dark text showing up against a bright screen (known as ‘light mode’), light colored text (white or gray) is displayed against a dark or black screen. Light mode, however, is the default setting for most phones and apps. The idea behind dark mode is that it reduces the light emitted by device screens while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios necessary for readability.

This flag in Google Chrome is perfect for anyone using Chrome in the dark. Normally, when we search or access any page, they are all displayed on a white background. This Chrome flag on Android will change every page and will be displayed on a black background, keeping it soothing to your eyes. You can go to chrome://flags and look for force dark and enable this Chrome flag. Now, restart your browser to see the magic.

view pages

This is a flag that will be useful if you want to view a link but don’t want to open the link in a new tab. Now called ‘ephemeral’, this feature was formerly known as ‘Sneak Peek’. You can enable this flag by going to chrome://flags and searching for ephemeral.

Once you enable this Chrome flag on your Android device, you can press any link and press View Page option. The link you selected will open in an overlay at the bottom. You can then slide up if you want to see the page and swipe down if you want to hide it.

Simplified Reader Mode

This flag was formerly called ‘Reader Mode’. You can go to chrome://flags and look for reader mode and enable reader mode. After enabling this flag, go to the website of your choice and Google will ask if you want to view the page in simplified mode. Now you can read your favorite blog without any problems.

Although Safari has an excellent reading mode, we don’t have such feature in Google Chrome. However, there is a hidden Chrome flag that allows you to enable Reader mode in Chrome. You get a barebone reader mode that simplifies the webpage and is the best way to remove annoying ads from Chrome. Sure, it’s not as good as Safari’s reading mode, but it works.

smooth scrolling

There are times when we carry up extensive web pages on our Android smartphones only to experience a lot of lag while scrolling. While this might not be an issue on high-end smartphones, it is in fact an issue on many Android devices. As you might have guessed, the “Smooth Scrolling” flag should improve scrolling on web pages when enabled. This not only improves scrolling, but also incorporates a seamless transition to hide any hiccups.

Your smartphone usually takes a long time to load large web pages. There may be some delay when scrolling through the pages. Chrome’s “Smooth Scrolling” flag for Android devices helps resolve this issue. This flag allows you to scroll smoothly on any webpage without any hiccups. You can go to chrome://flags and search for ‘Smooth Scrolling’ to enable this flag.

Autocomplete UPI details

Almost everyone has switched to using UPI nowadays. This one feature It can be very useful from time to time. This flag will allow you to save your UPI details so that you can automatically fill in your UPI ID whenever you are making an online payment that requires UPI information. Go to chrome://flags and search for UPI to enable this flag for Chrome for Android.

Many UPI payment apps have become extremely popular, including Google’s own Google Pay in India and, well, that’s the reason Chrome now lets you save UPI details so you can autofill them the next time you make one. UPI payment. You can enable this via “chrome://flags/#enable-autofill-upi-vpa”. Once this is done, Chrome will be able to recognize UPI or VPA IDs and allow you to save those details in payments.

Parallel download for faster speed

Enabling the parallel download flag will split the file you are downloading into multiple pieces and download in parallel. Internet Download Manager or IDM also works similarly. You can enable it by going to chrome://flags and looking for parallel download. After enabling this flag, you may see an understandable increase in your download speed.

You can enable this flag by searching for “enable-parallel-downloading”. Please note that you may not see any understandable increase in download speed all the time as this is an experimental test feature it also depends on your network speed.

read later

Read Later is slowly developing on both Android and Desktop Chrome and is a nice addition to make your reading experience easier. Along with Favorites, you will now have an option called “Read later” where you can add articles to read them whenever you want. you can enable this feature in Chrome by enabling the “Read later” flag.

You can have the “Read later” feature on the desktop version of Google Chrome, but you can also enable it on your mobile. This experimental Read Later flag gives you one more option, in addition to Favorites, to save certain websites and read them later.

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