Best iPhone File Man­ag­er Apps

Best iPhone File Man­ag­er Apps

In this article, we will talk about the Best iPhone File Man­ag­er Apps. We tried our best to review the Best iPhone File Man­ag­er Apps. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best iPhone File Man­ag­er Apps with your social network.

The Best iPhone File Man­ag­er Apps

You probably collect hundreds of files on your iPhone and, over time, it can get quite complicated to manage. But many apps can help and keep things organized. They boast of varied features, like handling multiple formats, creating dedicated folders, and copying and moving items from one location to another. It really makes life easier and lets you find something quickly whenever you need it.

These days, all Android smartphones offer built-in file managers. However, when you download apps from the Google Play Store, you get a lot of new ones features and benefits that make your job easier and help you better manage your files. Often, built-in apps let you just store and read your files.

If you’ve been using an iPhone for a while, you should know that the iPhone’s native file app is good enough for managing files. However, like the default Android file manager app, iOS native file apps fail to appeal to most users. With the native iOS Files app, you cannot access the internal files.

Check the list of best iPhone file management apps

file manager and browser

It is a free file manager application that can be used to view images, media files, PDF documents, office documents, zip files, etc. In addition, File Manager and Browser also offers users little privacy protection features and encrypt files and folders. File Manager also comes with its own web browser, which you can use when you need to download files for the app or just browse the web.

Readdle documents can be a bit overwhelming for new users. The File Manager and Browser app is a good alternative. It has a simpler and more visual UI that helps you perform many of the same tasks. You can import files from a PC using Wi-Fi transfer, organize and organize files.

The app also supports password lock if you want to protect your files and don’t have to worry about people accessing your files. Talking about the best in security, the app supports Touch ID for your devices that support Touch ID. You can easily share data from your iPhone to the cloud via WiFi Sync or iTunes.

Readdle Documents

Documents by Readdle is a central hub for all files stored on iPhone. With this app, you can read, listen, view and annotate almost anything you want. There are also a variety of options for syncing your data with cloud storage apps like Dropbox and iCloud. In short, this app makes it easy to organize and find the files you need, whenever you need them.

The app flies through our file manager checklist. Documents makes it very easy to import (from a computer, cloud storage, Wi-Fi transfer, web pages and other apps) and manage files (drag and drop, share, archive features, tags and the like).

Offers little file management features how to manage files, zip/unzip files, share files, etc. It also offers a full PDF editor that can be used to preview and mark up up PDF files. Documents work well with all file formats including text, audio and video. You can read books in the app, listen to music, watch videos, share files, view PDFs, and more.


FileMaster is another best file management app available in iOS app store that can be used on iPhone. It is a multifunctional application that offers users a file manager, document viewer, media player, text editor, etc. With regard to security, the app leaves no stone unturned. You have options to secure the app using a pin and it supports Touch ID which is perfect.

It is a multi-purpose application that serves as a file manager, document viewer, audio and video player, text editor and much more. You can conveniently move files from your computer to your mobile device and share them with just one tap. Supports all types of audio and video files. The music player also supports music control and background playback using the File master app.

This FileMaster app also does basic file operations along with protecting your files. to the best feature from the master file is multiple selection of files and long press the pop-up menus. You can import photos and also take a secret photo or video directly within the app. The app has a slightly unfashionable interface, but the features are well integrated. The app will allow you to create folders, import photos, text files and do much more with ease.

total files

Total files is one of the most advanced file management apps ever made for the iPhone. It is a complete file manager app with a powerful PDF reader, cloud storage support and much more. the first advanced feature is support for multiple units and linking multiple cloud units in a single application. Most file management apps support the iCloud drive with a single account; this is not true with Total files.

It has password security, allows you to zip and unzip files, easily manage files with basic file operations, and is a powerful PDF editor and reader for reading, editing and annotating PDF files. Although these are some of the most common features, performance and UI are not compromised in Total files. Total Files is notable because of how it supports many popular cloud services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, and more.

This too features various file management tools such as native compression/decompression and bookmark management features. With Total files, you can not only manage files stored on your local storage, but you can also manage files stored on cloud platforms like Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, iCloud services, etc. Here, you get access to more unit options and multiple accounts in the app’s single interface.


MyMedia has a basic and simple UI that makes it much easier to use. The app is the best alternative to the official Apple Files app and has some attractions features. You can perform basic file management operations such as creating and managing folders and files. The application is designed to support multiple file formats, which means compatibility of any file type.

This file format feature is exclusive for photos and videos on your iPhone and iPad; however, some extra music file formats are also available. MyMedia is primarily a download manager for your iPhone and iPad devices that allows you to download files directly to your device. However, this download manager includes a built-in file manager that works like the other apps on the list. You can do things like move, copy, create new folders and more.

There are some export options that allow you to share files across multiple devices. Whether it’s a Windows computer or an Android device; you can share your files quickly. One of the positive things about file sharing feature what we love is the organizational form. When exporting files, they are sent and stored in an organized way, making them easier to access in the future.

file hub

File Hub is a useful and powerful file management tool for iPhone and iPad. It is one of the most highly rated file manager apps, with a large set of features that attract users. You can create folders and files, organize them, and import files directly from your iCloud drive. You can also import files directly from iCloud Drive. There are sorting options in the app that really make it stand out, and you have the option to sort files by type, name, etc.

The app also supports a password lock to prevent access without the right password. Unfortunately, the app does not support the use of Touch ID. On the settings page, you can enable secure WiFi transfer to secure your phone unauthorized access. The app offers a multitude of features, such as the ability to create folders and organize files, create blank files or even create a new clipboard file.

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