Best mobile tracker app for Android and iPhone

Best mobile tracker app for Android and iPhone

In this article, we will talk about the Best mobile tracker app for Android and iPhone. We tried our best to review the Best mobile tracker app for Android and iPhone. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best mobile tracker app for Android and iPhone with your social network.

The Best mobile tracker app for Android and iPhone

AN phone tracker app allows you to monitor the location of a mobile device. You can use the app to recover your lost or stolen phone or tablet. The app can also be used to keep an eye on your kids. You can see the child’s location and other details mobile devices, including call history, internet searches, social media messages and more. You should note that all the free apps listed here have the basics features to track your cell phone phone. You can also upgrade to a paid version for mobile activity tracking features.

Phone tracker app is robust and accurate GPS tracker software to locate your phones, family and friends. Get GPS alerts when one of your family members is nearby. This app uses cell phone tracking and GPS tracking to optimize battery usage and location accuracy. One makes a sound when you whistle (so you can find it among your other stuff). Others include advanced features that let you know where each member of your family is at any given time.

Check the list of the best mobile tracker app for android and iphone


mSpy has become one of the most wanted spy software. The company has done an excellent job creating a stable platform that works for all types of users. The mSpy app is compatible with all smartphone platforms, including iOS and Android, and can also be used on Windows or macOS computers.

It tracks text messages, calls, GPS location data, review lists and social media activities without requiring root access to the device. one of our favorites features is the ability to define up geofences for your phone – so that you receive notifications when your child enters or leaves a specific area.


Maybe you’re worried that your child has a bully at school. Perhaps you suspect some rebellious friendships. Or maybe you simply need to know how much time they are spending on their mobile phones instead of on your homework or chores.

uMobix equips you with call and SMS monitoring features to help you in these situations. No more unwanted calls from school bullies or unappreciated SMS messages from friends with rebellious tendencies. And if you want to scold your child for spending too much time in the phone with your friends you can do it as with all the evidence to support you up.


Clevguard is an app that will help you track any compatible smartphone, tablet or computer you want. You can use it to stay on top of your child’s online activity and therefore keep them safe. This app will work on iOS and Android devices and is simple to install.

Over the years, Clevguard has gone through many updates and modifications that have improved its original version into a more efficient version. You may know that the children’s version of Clevguard is named KidsGuard. Clevguard is a tracking app that can be useful for parents and people who want to track the online activity of their spouses or co-workers.


Spyera is a Hong Kong-based software application that allows you to monitor your communications. It allows you to record and capture calls, monitor and manage media file transfers, as well as listen to the surroundings of a target device – which can be a phone or a computer.

The Spyera app can be quite expensive, but it could come in the future with some amazing discounts (like a free trial or a coupon code, perhaps?), which will allow you to access various functions. The software helped me to monitor all my phone and computer activities, so it’s worth a try!


iKeyMonitor is a monitoring app that offers many features for iOS/Android users. It allows you to monitor SMS text messages, call history logs, keystrokes, screenshots, GPS locations, website visited, social chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram and more.

It supports sending monitoring logs via email remotely so you can view the logs without logging into the online account. It supports a number of features, some of which are advanced. features. Like keystroke tracking, call recording and listening phone surroundings. With these features you can pass all your children’s actions.


Monitor everything – that’s what the creators of SpyFone claim. Staying true to its slogan, this is really a smart smartphone monitoring app, which is a great way to have peace of mind. While there are many situations where it can be useful, our focus is on its use for parents when monitoring their children.

From cellphone messages to social media accounts, SpyFone promises to reach out if you want to monitor your kids. They have several packages available and are accessible through a variety of devices. Installing SpyFone is an easy and straightforward process. However, you will need to have physical access to the mobile phone where you will install the application. You can’t do this in the cloud.


XNSPY is an application that allows you to remotely access a significant amount of data on a device. With their own monitoring motives, each individual can use this app to spy on whoever they want. But the question is what makes this app different from others and what operating system it runs on. Let’s discuss the app in its entirety to understand it better.

Currently, we contemplate mobile spy apps to spy on cell phone phones that are physically beyond our reach. But there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile spyware programs currently available, which makes the final very long and difficult purchase process.


Today’s parents don’t have as much control over their children as they assume. Your teens may date the wrong crowd or say they need to go to the library and hang out with friends. Most tracking apps you can use require a lot of storage space on a phone and comes with an app that runs in the background.

Hoverwatch is a new cell phone tracker that can see everything someone does on a cell phone phone. It gives you an easy way to see if your significant other works the late hours they claim and to keep track of where your kids are at any given time. This product comes with an application that you can use on a phone that allows you to view information about that phone from a computer or other device that you link to the phone.


FlexiSPY’s software suite offers more in-depth monitoring and reporting than any other provider out there. In addition to many patterns features like reading sent and received texts, your app allows you to enable call recording, call interception and you can even activate the microphone when not in use, allowing you to record what is happening around phone any time you want.

FlexiSPY is by far the most powerful spy app on the market. And while ranked third at my best mobile spy app comparison, this is mainly due to the price. In terms of reliability, stability and technical support, it’s right up there with mSpy and uMobix. But FlexiSPY has some features that none of these apps have.


Mobile Spy is an advanced hybrid smartphone monitoring software that allows you to monitor your children or employees remotely. It gives you the privilege to take control over your mobile phone without even touching it. It is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones and it’s a great choice for all your spying needs.

You can send an SMS command to the respective mobile phone you want to spy to track the exact location of the target user. All the URLs of the most visited videos can be remotely monitored along with their links to check the respective videos instantly.

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