Best Page blocker Elements for Chrome Exten­sions

Best Page blocker Elements for Chrome Exten­sions

In this article, we will talk about the Best Page blocker Elements for Chrome Exten­sions. We tried our best to review the Best Page blocker Elements for Chrome Exten­sions. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Page blocker Elements for Chrome Exten­sions with your social network.

The Best Page blocker Elements for Chrome Exten­sions

Extensions are created for all kinds of purposes, from managing tasks and accessing data faster to automating repetitive jobs and much more. Some are more useful than others, but a good range of productivity can be very beneficial when it comes to helping you work more expertly each day.

A webpage can contain many elements in addition to its main content. Unfortunately, not all elements are really important. Some elements even seem to be annoying, especially when they take up more of the screen than the main content. If you use Google Chrome, there are several extensions you can install to block a particular element of a webpage.

In general, a banner ad is often considered to be one of the most annoying elements, especially if it is not placed in a suitable location. Basically, all the elements that don’t get put in the places they should be are crap, probably including floating social media. button.

Check the list of the best page blocking elements for Chrome extensions


ChuckIt appears to automatically block all JavaScript elements on a web page. After installing this extension, you will no longer see any banner ad on a webpage. ChuckIt also allows you to manually select the elements you want to temporarily remove. First, you need to activate the plugin by clicking its icon in the icon bar. To remove an element, you can right click on the element you want to remove and it will be automatically removed by ChuckIt.

Unfortunately, this extension doesn’t offer any window to show the list of blocked elements, like the first two extensions above.


One of the significant problems with Google Chrome is that it becomes a huge memory drain if you open multiple tabs – the more tabs you open, the slower it becomes. With the OneTab extension, you can ensure that Chrome works perfectly and you won’t lose any open tabs. After clicking the OneTab icon, it moves all your open tabs into a single tab as a list. You can then click on the list link to instantly open the tab when needed. This effectively reduces Chrome’s memory consumption by 90 percent, ensuring a smooth browsing experience.

OneTab combines all the tabs you opened in your web browser into a single tab. The extension saves memory and reduces tab clutter. It keeps you organized and avoids distractions. Click “restore all” to recover each tab.


ElementHider will block all elements that contain a keyword listed in its database. Every time you visit a webpage that contains elements of the blocked keywords, the elements will be automatically hidden by the extension.

ElementHider offers automatic blocking instead of manual selection. You can simply enter the keywords of the elements you want to block. For example, if you want to block all Facebook content, you can type “facebook ^”. Or, if you don’t want to see any ad content, you can simply type “ads”. You can click the ElementHider icon in the icon bar to enter keywords. You can add multiple keywords by typing them per line.

Origin of uBlock

uBlock Origin is powerful when it comes to blocking elements. It is capable of blocking elements of a web page based on a wide range of parameters. For example, you can block all elements that use JavaScript (most banner ads use JavaScript). It also allows you to block pop-up elements.up, as well as great media. By having uBlock Origin installed on your Google Chrome, you can make a website load faster.

This can be annoying to see, and your browsing habits are also tracked by the ad server. This is scary and dangerous. Some web services are under scrutiny to collect user data and even sell it to third parties. uBlock Origin automatically blocks ads, allowing you greater control over your privacy. Once installed, it shows how many ads are blocked on the page, along with options to remove or hide any element on the webpage.

In addition, there is great power button in the extension window to enable/disable blocking on the page. You can choose to hide / show a placeholder for blocked elements and set the default behavior to block large media elements, block remote sources, disable javascript or disable cosmetic filters.

Click to remove element

Using the Click to Remove Element is quite simple. You can simply click the extension icon on the Google Chrome icon bar and then click on the elements you want to block. You can see the locked elements in a pop-up which appears at the bottom of the screen. To reset the locked elements, just click the “x” icon on the locked elements.

Just like the name suggests, you can simply click on elements that you don’t want to see on a webpage. You can use this extension to get rid of annoying elements in order to focus on content. However, this extension does not have the ability to block a banner ad.


Blur keeps your personal and payment information safe when purchasing products online. The extension creates encrypted website passwords, prevents websites from tracking you, masks emails and hides your credit cards. The majority of features they are free or you can buy the full version with advanced options.

If you are concerned about your privacy and security online, Blur is the extension you need. It offers a password manager that automatically generates and organizes strong passwords for you. It also offers the option to mask your email to avoid receiving spam / junk. In addition, the extension also blocks web crawlers on any website you visit to protect them from crawling or collecting data.

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