Best Sega Genesis Games for Android and iOS

Best Sega Genesis Games for Android and iOS

In this article, we will talk about the Best Sega Genesis Games for Android and iOS. We tried our best to review the Best Sega Genesis Games for Android and iOS. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Sega Genesis Games for Android and iOS with your social network.

The Best Sega Genesis Games for Android and iOS

Sega is bringing some of their best retro games to your smartphone. Today the company has launched a new service called Sega Forever, which is essentially a lineup of the company’s classic games that will be available for iOS and Android.

Each game will include modern attributes like cloud save, Bluetooth controller support and online leaderboards. (Sega notes, however, that you can still play each game offline.) Retro gaming is one of the biggest nostalgia fixes you can get, and thanks to the Sega Forever collection, you can play some of Sega’s classic games on your own. smartphone.

Retro games are more popular than ever. From RetroPie to next-gen consoles, it seems like everyone is eager to scratch their retro-gaming itch. But what if you want to play on the go. Fortunately, Sega recently released Sega Forever, so you can play classic 16-bit-era Sega games right on your smartphone.

Check out the list of the best Sega Genesis games for Android and iPhone

Shinobi’s Revenge

A former Japanese crime syndicate captures his girlfriend and kills the shogun. It’s time for revenge and ninja in Sega’s retro world. You can collect special powers and weapons, improve your ninjutsu skills and collect hidden powers. In The Revenge of Shinobi (Android, iOS), players control a ninja with a wide variety of weapons at their disposal.

Players invade and fight their way through an evil criminal organization while navigating dangerous areas. To aid in the mission, players have the ability to summon powerful magical powers to dispatch enemies. Another highlight is the soundtrack composed by the legendary Yuzo Koshiro.

Other than that, it’s weirdly fun to throw ninja stars at pixelated enemies and turn around at the same time. The Revenge of Shinobi was one of the first games available for the Sega Genesis. Unfortunately, Revenge isn’t quite as polished as its sequel, Shinobi III. However, tossing eight shurikens at the peak of a jumping somersault is still satisfying.

Classic Comix Zone

Comix Zone is an overrun up with one difference: as the name suggests, the game (1995) takes place inside a comic book. As Sketch Turner (no, really), you find yourself stuck in the comic you created (in a break from being a rock musician), with your enemies drawn when you’re about to meet them.

Comix Zone Classic (Android, iPhone) is not what you are used to. You are in the character of Sketch Turner, a comic book artist who is trapped in a postapocalyptic comic book. Enemies and bosses retreat when Sketch enters the box, there is a Mutant Queen and the goal final is to defeat the deadly enemy of Mortus and escape the comic world. This visually stunning game has players taking control of a comic book artist who gets sucked into his own creation.

Players battle their way through comic panels and interact with other characters through sarcastic lines in speech bubbles. The best thing about this game is that it is compatible with HID controllers and works without wifi. Also, there are leaderboards where you can fight for the highest score with other players from all over the world.

Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes is generally considered to be one of the best side-scrolling shooters of all time. It has colorful graphics and a frenetic pace. If you’re a fan of non-stop action, Gunstar Heroes is for you. Just be careful as this can seriously tire your thumbs.

This sprint and gun game is known for its relentless pace and exaggerated action. Although the game is similar to Contra, Gunstar Heroes (Android, iOS) attracts everything up at eleven. Players control one of two characters, each with a unique play style. The objective is simple: shoot everything! Gunstar Heroes requires excellent hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes.

There are two playable characters and you can switch between them at certain times. As for the goal, just shoot everything you see. But given the speed of the game, it’s easier said than done, and you’ll need excellent reflexes and hand coordination.

Streets of Rage 2

The Streets of Rage series is one of the most successful and well-received beat ’em ups in history. The game is centered on vigilantes who clean up a city infested with crime armed only with fists. The original Streets of Rage was a big hit for Sega, and two sequels followed. Many players consider Streets of Rage 2 the best entry in the series.

This common fantasy of power dates back to the mid-1980s in video games, though few have done it as well as Streets of Rage 2. This colorful beat-em-up includes a cohesive theme and character design, lush illustrated backgrounds (and a rainy backdrop), great controls, and satisfying co-op action. The success of the Streets of Rage series on Genesis greatly complemented this platform’s bold marketing image in the United States.

Kid Chameleon Classic

Kid Chameleon is a 1992 platform game that features 100+ stages with hidden areas to explore. It’s a somewhat forgotten classic that deserves another try.

With awesome powers available to help him through the game, Kid Chameleon’s job is to track down the villain. Magic masks give your character the power to transform into an unstoppable warrior, flying superhero or human tank. You can also become a medieval knight, axe-wielding maniac or even a cyclone if you like the fast running option.

classic crazy taxi

Sega’s open world driving game lets you spend your time collecting tickets and getting passengers to their destinations in time. Various combis and bonuses allow you to accumulate up Huge profits, but you won’t earn with sensible driving. However, there is traffic, steep, winding roads and pedestrian areas to navigate. And yes, that means there will be a lot of jumps, bumps and flights. At the same time, the crazier the trip, the more points and money you’ll receive with the fare.

Crazy Taxi’s graphic is difficult to compare with other Sega classics. The entire game has been redone to fit the mobile device and controls are very simple. Cult Crazy Taxi is one of the first open world games to be done correctly. THE mobile version, Crazy Taxi Classic (Android, iPhone), will keep you glued to the screen for hours.

As you might have guessed, you have the character of a cool taxi driver and the objective is to get your customers to their destination as quickly as possible. Like the original Dreamcast version, this features an original arcade mode and music from The Offspring and Bad Religion. While the on-screen controller works fine, Bluetooth controllers are probably the best option.

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