Best Custom ROM For Rooted Android

Best Custom ROM For Rooted Android: Today Android rooting is a very typical process for the users that are using this smartphone. Many of you’ve rooted your Android device and try many cools apps in your rooted Android. But you can do much more with them that’s installing custom ROM’s. As we know custom ROM is the custom interface for your Android that gives up your android’s default look a very fresh look with a complete change in interface and the features. In this article, we’ve selected some best customized ROM that gives your Android an attractive interface that you’ll surely love to use.

Best Custom ROM For Rooted Android


Cyanogen interface has become much popular after the release of One Plus One and One Plus Two. This custom ROM is one for the Best ROM that totally changes your Android interface. You can simply find a stable version of this ROM for your device with the respective model.


Like today, you all are familiar with Xiaomi mobiles and their best interface. Now you can get that interface on your Android device using this cool Rom. You’ll get all the features of MI on your Android, the same the Icon looks lock features, and all the interface exactly the same.

Pac-Man ROM

This ROM is also a great one and personally tested by me on my android device. This ROM gives a fresh look to your Android. Flashing this ROM is The Best way to get rid of the dull look of the stock ROM of your Android.


OmniROM is also The Best choice than your default interface of your Android. It’s interfaced some looks like the interface of Lava and Micromax etc. , but this Rom is better than them.

Carbon ROM

This is also a good ROM with a great interface. This ROM is fit for the users that want more in less space. As this, ROM compacts the size of all and there are many new features that you find in this ROM.

Paranoid Android

This is The Best ROM you’ll ever try. This ROM is fast, secure, and supports some o the devices, including the all Nexus series and the newly OnePlus One, though for the latter you might want to check out the recently released OxygenOS before you decide to settle for Paranoid Android.

So above is all about Best custom ROM for rooted Android. I hope you like it so please don’t forget to share this post with others.

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