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Best DJ Controllers For Beginners – Technology continues to change the world around us and the realm of DJs has certainly not been an exception. In the old days, when I first started with a Stanton mixer and two turntables that I had received for Christmas and bought my parents at a garage sale, I thought I would have had them made. Although I think about it now, it was much more difficult than I thought it would be – watching the DJs from Scribble Jam made me think I could be like them in no time.

Boy, I was wrong, but through practice, I eventually learned it. Back to now, with the rising popularity of digital systems based setups, we have received some useful and versatile DJ tools, especially for those who were just like us who started first and started DJing. Today we did some research and found the Best DJ Controllers For Beginners.

Best DJ Controllers For Beginners List

Navigating through the vast jungle of DJ controllers in today’s market can often be a challenge for a beginner. Jog wheels, loop and effect controls, microphone inputs, integrated sound cards, and a variety of controllers that offer multiple functions to enhance your mix. In this article, we have selected 5 of the Best DJ Controllers For Beginners┬ácan start mixing from their computers and take their first steps in the world of DJing.

Numark Mixtrack 3

DJ controllers for beginners

We wanted to choose a controller that gave us all the necessary functions in a DJ controller that can offer beginners an all-in-one experience. First, Numark DJ equipment is one of the biggest names in the DJ industry, so we get confidence in the brand’s reputation. They have a majority of the market in terms of DJ controllers and popularity, and the Mixtrack 3 is one of our favorites. To make this the best DJ controllers for beginners, we first have two units for scratching to emulate turntables. They are of very nice quality and you can also stop a song by touching the top of the plateau.

Best DJ Controllers Under $200

You can also adjust the pitch and tap in the loop, sample, and hot cue mode to continue playing your sounds. The mixer in the middle is also solid, though not too fancy with crazy features: you get a crossfader (the landmark of a DJ setup), 3-band EQ to mess with the levels and filters, and a big plus that we Great find is the library navigation in case you want to do everything from the controller and do not run around with your mouse to browse through tracks and sound Overall, this is one of the best DJ controllers for beginners.

Hercules DJ Control Instinct P8

Here is another of our favorite choices as the best DJ controllers for beginners. This almost beat our top position because of the affordability and general functions, as well as having some nice jog wheels, further DJ controller needs such as cue, loop and max, and of course some nice performance pads on top of all this. It has some of the most positive reviews we have read on the internet and it is a bit cheaper, so if you want to save some money and sacrifice the pads, it is of very high quality. The wheels are sturdy and the mixing unit works as intended, and you also get a DJ software called DJUCED (which is not as widespread as Virtual DJ or others). View this if you want to save some money. It also has a good place in our top 5 best DJ controllers for beginners for a reason.

Behringer CMD Studio 4A

DJ controllers for beginners

Behringer is one of our favorite brands of music equipment because they literally make everything. They are cheaper in price than many others but give us a solid, long-lasting machine park without many luxury things attached to it. The nice thing about this is the control with 4 decks and the built-in audio interface (gives us a slightly better sound quality when we record the sounds). It also comes with a software called Deckadance LE software (made by the same makers of Fruity Loops) and is compatible with most of those that exist when you have another workstation. The sensitive signs are 6 “and are great to scratch on, grab it if you have a few dollars, need a built-in audio interface, but do not mind missing the performance pads again. Overall, this is one of the best DJ controllers for beginners.

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Pioneer DDJ-SB

We love Pioneer equipment because of the long-term construction they offer. Here is a better DJ controller and if you learn the functions, you can be better off in the long term. It is USB powered and has a built-in sound card and offers us some extras such as a filter fade function, hot cue, manual loop, and sampler functions. We also love it (cannot you tell our fascination?) Because of the built-in performance pads, although only four on each side. Finally, we like the fact that it comes with a Serato DJ intro so that you can try one of the (if not the most popular) DJ software in the world. Overall, this is one of the best DJ controllers for beginners.

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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2

DJ controllers for beginners

We can not even count how many controllers Native Instruments has for their Traktor software, but we wanted to offer this option in case you wanted to go this route. This is by far one of the best DJ controllers for beginners if there was no money. It mainly comes with their famous Traktor DJ software, but it also gives us some handy hands-on operation. The performance pads are of extremely nice quality, you get a microphone input, song management with direct iTunes integration, and more. Not to mention it works well with iPad and iPhone software if you are interested in this.

It would be more of a long-term plan by purchasing one of the Native Instruments’ pieces of acceleration and Traktor DJ software (although this is included). Once you have purchased the bundle, you can always add the add-on to the set-up with their other different controllers and add-ons. Many people swear by Traktor while others are Serato DJ, but if you are a beginner grabbing a controller we mentioned earlier and trying out their trial software is probably the best choice. Overall, this is one of the best DJ controllers for beginners.

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