Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Smartphones have enabled anybody to utilize sophisticated picture editing tools that formerly needed Photoshop abilities. Nowadays, everyone wants to employ the method of swapping faces in images. Face switching applications on your smartphone make this simple with a few fast touches. Before proceeding, it is critical to recognize that the results you will be able to acquire will depend on the specific program’s face-swapping capabilities. For a face swap software to operate properly

The faces in your merged photography must be plainly recognized so that the outcomes are as expected. While face swapping may be a fun method to produce amusing or creative photos, it’s vital to use these tools responsibly. This includes not sharing photographs without the subject’s permission and being aware of how the images may be interpreted. With that in mind, here are seven of the finest Android face swap applications. Below we have mentioned some of the best Face Swap Apps for Android.

Best Face Swap Apps for Android


In recent years, reface has grown in popularity. This excellent program for changing your look allows you to swap your face with celebrities. You may put your face on the actors in Reface, which includes a fantastic selection of outstanding clips or chunks of some renowned movies. It also includes a huge library of popular GIFs and memes that you can face swap. The nicest feature of Reface is that it lets you store media to your phone’s storage. Don’t be concerned about launching the app every time you post your face swap internet videos. Overall, this is one of the best Face Swap Apps for Android that you can download. you can also read more information on its official website


Are you curious about how you will appear in the future? Then AgingBooth is the ideal free face software for you. It provides you with a variety of intriguing things to enjoy. It is most known for converting your face into a much older version of yourself. However, if you believe that the old photos will appear highly manipulated or that the program to modify your face will take a long time to produce results, you are mistaken. When it comes to aging your images, AgingBooth is a work of art. It also has useful features like before and after photographs on a movie, a saving option in the phone’s storage, and auto-cropping through face identification technology. This is the best Face Swap App for Android.


Snapchat is the most popular software that allows users to swap their faces with pals using a simple filter. Because Snapchat is more than just a face swap app, utilizing it grants you access to a plethora of other features, Snapchat techniques, and even the new Snapchat+ subscription, which adds more capabilities. Furthermore, even if you don’t want to follow the platform’s trends, its face filters are actually rather good. As a result, it is one of the most flexible face swap programs available right now. For now, this is one of the best Face Swap Apps for Android you can consider.

However, unlike other applications that just provide a face swap filter, using Snapchat’s face swap filter would need some investigation. If you can’t locate the filter in the camera interface, go to the Explore area, type ‘Face swap,’ and save it to Favorites. The filter is one of numerous available on the site, but I can promise you that it is the greatest one available. Not only does it do the job properly.


Cupace is a fantastic and simple photo editing program with a useful tool called Paste Face, which allows you to easily take the face of anybody in a picture and paste it on top of anyone else’s face. Cupace can manually extract faces from any image, which might be useful even if you don’t want to proceed with a face swap and add the face to any inanimate item.

Cupace allows you to cut a face from a picture simply, select the image on which you wish to paste the face, and then paste the face onto that image. To make things easier, the software allows you to zoom the image so that your face cutout is as exact as possible. Once the face has been cropped, it is kept in the app and may be pasted on many photographs if desired. Currently, this is the best Face Swap Apps for Android you can check now.


B612 is another another free face-swapping software that is accessible on both Android and iOS. The biggest feature of this software is the built-in beauty filter, which allows you to improve the quality of your photos in minutes. This beautifying function is really simple to use, and it may make your photographs brighter and more appealing by eliminating superfluous backgrounds. After downloading the program, all you have to do is click on the smiling symbol to finish. It is one of the top face software options for Android and iOS smartphones. Overall, this is the best Face Swap Apps for Android you can consider.

Reface App

Face swap apps such as Reface are among the most immersive, allowing you to create profound phony pictures. You may use this software to swap celebrity faces with your pals and share photographs on your  social media network. In Reface, you may use a range of GIFs, memes, movie clips, and material from old movies to make your own bespoke face-swapped GIFs and animations. Surprisingly, the creators keep introducing new templates regularly. Consequently, by utilizing our app, you will never miss out on anything new. Aside from face swap app options, you may also find out which celebrity you resemble.

Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live makes use of photos you already have on your phone. You have the option of taking a selfie before applying the effect or importing an existing photograph. And, happily, there are many of effects to choose from. You may select from the ones that come preloaded or search for a certain image to morph yourself into. Face Swap Live also works with both movies and still images. Face Swap Live falls a little short in terms of precision when compared to other face changing apps available. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic face changing software. This is one of the best Face Swap Apps for Android you can download.

Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth has a plethora of features for carefully tweaking photos and generating the desired effects. There is no face swapping software. You’ll have to jump through a few hoops to switch faces, but after you’ve sorted out the app, you’ll gain access to a slew of new features. Face Replace Booth allows you to swap certain traits rather than full faces. This implies you can smear someone else’s eyes on another person’s face. Still, it is one of the best Face Swap Apps for Android you can consider.

You don’t even need a second photograph. Instead, choose a celebrity template and utilize it to create a new picture. Face Swap Booth likewise has no photo or face limit. Because the program can store the facial data from the images you submit, you can alter group photographs by swapping as many faces as you wish. You’ll also find a plethora of programs for fixing any errors made by Face Swap Booth’s algorithms.

Final Words

The smartphone has made it feasible for everyone to use complex photo-editing tools that would previously need Photoshop abilities. One such skill is the capacity to swap people’s faces in photographs. Face swap applications have made this as simple as a few taps on your device. There is a face swap app for everyone, whether you want to perfect a face swap by hand or you want an app that performs all the work for you. Here are the top face swap applications for Android smartphones right now.

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