Best File Manager

Best File Manager

You may manage files and folders on your device using the best file manager software. Two of the most well-known file managers are Finder on Mac and File Explorer on PC. You may create, rename, copy, move, delete, and search for files and directories with file managers. You may also change file characteristics and properties using these programs. Modern file managers may link to cloud storage providers in addition to managing local files.

A file manager is a helpful tool that allows you to create, copy, move, rename, and remove folders and files as you see appropriate after displaying the organization of the files and folders on your device. Having a useful best file manager may be quite useful since smartphones are basically pocket-sized computers that provide some of the best Android applications available. You never know when you may need to organize your files, relocate a few files, or create a new folder to store your media.

Managing files is essential whether you’re a student or a businessperson. Additionally, it might be annoying to try to locate a certain folder or file when you really need it. Android phones have built-in file managers as a result. However, sometimes they fall short of having all the functionality you need. In any case, this may become an issue later on. Downloading programs is thus preferable for managing files. So perhaps after reading this post you’ll discover the best file manager.

Here is the list of Best File Manager

Solid Explorer

It seems that the Solid Explorer program has a sizable and vocal fan base that promotes it as a “solid” alternative to the best file manager. There are several customization and theming choices to suit your preferences, and it has a stunning Material design that we really appreciate. Everything you might possibly need from a file manager is included in Solid Explorer. The dual-pane arrangement facilitates file organization and access.

Your critical files and folders may be be stored in a safe folder and protected with robust AES encryption using the file manager. Additionally, there is a specific storage analyzer that you can use to find the files and folders that use up the majority of your storage space. All common functionality are provided, including copy and paste, cut, batch renaming, compress/decompress, extract, etc.

Total Commander

It has a simple, two-panel design that isn’t spectacular, but each update adds contemporary capabilities like support for cloud storage services and Windows 10 functions. Thanks to its background process manager, which enables you to monitor progress, halt and resume transfers, and set a speed restriction, Total Commander is a fantastic option for moving big quantities of information.

A built-in file archiving tool allows for the creation and extraction of archives in all of the most popular formats, and the interface is uncluttered for quick browsing. Plugins may be used to extend Total Commander. The ability to search for text strings inside PDFs, organize photos by size, and alter audio information without launching any further programs are all optional options.


One of the greatest tabbed best file manager computers is XYplorer. The program’s functions are highly extensive and in-depth. Its user interface is very customizable and the menu bar has several options. The optional double window makes copying files considerably simpler. This program is also customized with strong file backup functions, and it offers a directory panel for accessing file folders. As a very little piece of software, XYplorer won’t tax your computer’s RAM.

To make this tool even easier to use, you may automate repetitive activities. Excellent and fast file searching is available in XYplorer. The tool also supports Zip, saves and automatically restores open folders, and allows tags and comments to be added to file names. This file organizer offers a one-click preview option for photos, videos, documents, and music, much like some of the others that were discussed before. Additionally, they are always trying to introduce additional features.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is the best file manager with a ton of features, and you can add plugins to make it even more effective. All of the files and folders on your device are accessible to you, and it also automatically groups your data into collections. Files may be copied, archived, shared, relocated, renamed, and more. You receive extensive cloud and network capabilities, file encryption, no advertisements.

And access to the service on an unlimited number of devices with the full version. Solid Explorer is adaptable to your particular demands due to its versatile settings. In its settings, it offers many more optional features, including view choices, sort modes, filters, folder options, themes, color schemes, and custom icons.

Amaze File Manager

One of the most distinctive best file manager on our list is Amaze File Manager. This program has no adverts, is totally open source, and may be downloaded for free. If you want to support Team Amaze’s cause, we do advise buying our cloud plugin. The app’s UI doesn’t provide anything special while being built on Material Design. There are several themes available, and a navigation drawer is provided for easy access.

Any app may be opened, backed up, or removed through the app manager. Amaze File Manager is the greatest option for someone wanting to manage files simply because of the way it is designed. You may operate on numerous tabs at once in addition to the basic functions. Access to history and bookmarks is also provided. Finding files will not be a challenge with Amaze File Explorer thanks to the search tool that Team Amaze provided.

FX File Explorer

When choosing the best file manager, it’s important to consider if you’re more of a power user or are looking for something easy. FX File Explorer has a lot going for it, including SMBv2 compatibility, a home screen that you can customize, and a Usage View that displays the size and content breakdown of each folder on your phone. In addition to allowing you to browse and produce encrypted files in the AES-256 and AES-128 formats.

Best of all, FX File Explorer is completely free and has no adverts, which immediately makes it much more user-friendly. The majority of the useful content is already available for free. You can extend the app with extra services like FX Connect to transfer files straight between phones and ‘Web Access’ to manage your files from a PC browser, which are pleasant additions.

Root Explorer

The best file manager for root users is Root Explorer. Access the whole file system on Android, including the illusive data folder. APK binary XML viewer, multiple tabs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and network (SMB) support are among the features. Other features include a Text Editor, SQLite database viewer, create and extract zip or tar/gzip files, multi-select, extract rar archives, search, remount, execute scripts, permissions, send files, bookmarks and image thumbnails.

Any issue you could have with the app, we’ll always attempt to solve. You are entitled to a full refund if we are unable to assist you. used by the Google Drive SDK to optionally create a new account. Existing accounts are not altered, and just the account name is accessible in terms of information.


The compact best file manager called Q-Dir (also known as the Quad Explorer) lets you interact with up to four file windows at once, as the name indicates. And it’s free. Although Q-navigation Dir’s symbols are quite small on a high-resolution screen, it is a straightforward concept that is performed without any unnecessary clutter. It may seem like a little complaint, but it’s really a significant flaw that the developer is apparently aware of since there is a link to a screen magnifier in the upper right corner.

In addition to a bookmark feature for commonly used files and folders, tabbed browsing is supported. Although there are keyboard shortcuts for frequently performed operations, there isn’t a means to modify or add new ones to speed up your workflow. If you merely want a more easy File Explorer alternative and don’t often need to transfer large quantities of data, Q-Dir is quite helpful, but the above-mentioned paid products are better suited for everyone else.


The best file manager is Amazon Astro makes an effort to be the first useful personal robot with a wide range of uses. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have trouble finding applications for it outside of a few limited use cases that are arguably better serviced by other devices. As early as the 1980s, the prospect of a personal robots revolution was promoted.

The robot takeover, on the other hand, turned out to be a false start, at least outside of autonomous vacuums, unlike the personal computer revolution. In the decades afterwards, little progress has been achieved in personal robots due to advantages that never went beyond “fun toy.” Enter Amazon’s Astro, which, strangely, stumbles a little when it comes to developing compelling use cases but ultimately realizes some of the possibilities that early personal robotics pioneers promised.


By offering robust point of sale software that can be accessed from smartphones, Clover is designed to assist small companies in managing their whole operation. Use Clover to manage your company and quit using spreadsheets. Get activity data and insights to run your business in real time, including editing menus, managing inventory, and keeping a watch on your staff.

Additionally, Clover offers POS payment options, accepting credit and debit card payments and securely storing consumer information. To streamline your procedures, Clover also accepts Apple Pay technology. So, if you want one of the best file manager, we highly recommend these apps.

Final Words

This post has examined the best file manager and included information on what to anticipate from each one. Simply choose your preferred option to complement or replace Windows File Explorer. Furthermore, these applications are adaptive since the majority of the instructions they use are almost equivalent to those of File Explorer. There is a noticeable change because of the added features. The best file manager advice is to try out the free versions before purchasing any premium ones. Try to download several applications and explore the features in any scenario.

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