Best Email Clients for Windows

Best Email Clients for Windows

You can create, edit, and send emails using an interface provided by email clients. They can help you be more productive by providing you with hotkeys, shortcuts, and streamlined user interfaces. Additionally, they allow you to link multiple email accounts so that you can view multiple inboxes in one location rather than switching between accounts or web browser tabs. You can save time and become more productive with the right email client, which could lead to better work results, pay raises, and job promotions. The right email programme can change your life, which may seem absurd. In general, checking email at work isn’t a productive use of your time.

The less time you invest in it, the more time you have to work on things that actually make a difference. You’ve come to the right place if you’re a Windows user looking for the top email clients available. Nevertheless, each person’s needs will define the “best” email client for Windows 11 differently. You probably check your email at least once per day if you’re like most people. Additionally, if your job requires you to communicate with coworkers, clients, and customers, it’s likely that you deal with emails frequently.

We spend a lot of time writing, forwarding, and managing emails, but we hardly ever take a moment to consider how we might make emailing more efficient. We accept dated apps as if there were no alternatives, use clumsy web interfaces that are not designed for professional use, and stick with the built-in email apps on our smartphone despite the fact that there are many excellent third-party email apps available in app stores.

Best Email Clients for Windows


Mailbird, one of the more cutting-edge and user-friendly email clients we tested, makes managing email and your most-used apps simple thanks to its variety of third-party integrations. When connected, the integrations use the same user interface as your inbox, which attracts users who don’t want to leave Mailbird. The apps with native integrations include Slack, Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Twitter, to name just a few.

Download the client, enter your email, or connect to an already-existing client to get going. You’ll be prompted to choose a layout and link third-party apps as your emails sync. You don’t even have to leave your inbox to connect—just click on your app, sign in, and you’re good to go. For one-click access, each app you add shows up as an icon in the sidebar. We only needed to take a quick look at the sidebar to see activity and respond to messages because we had connected our Slack account.

Speed reading is one of the new features that Mailbird claims will boost your email productivity by letting you quickly take in sentences as a whole rather than focusing on individual words. First, in an email, choose the speed reading option. Then select the email’s playback speed by clicking. The words from your email will then be displayed on the screen one at a time at the speed you specify.


Although it currently only supports Microsoft email services like Hotmail, Outlook, and Exchange, Hiri is a premium email client that costs money and is primarily created with business users in mind. However, home users will also value its productivity-enhancing features. Hiri is the email client for you if you often take too long to manage, read, and respond to emails. It has a clever dashboard that shows you how many unread messages you have quickly and how long you should wait to check them (after all, how many really require an instant reply?

The subject line is included at the bottom of the compose windows so you don’t have to write it until you know how to summaries the message, and the Compose windows is also made to save you time by providing only the necessary options (no fancy formatting). Hiri is a truly exceptional client as a result of these small details. If Microsoft is your preferred email provider, it should be near the top of your list. Hiri can be purchased yearly or as a lifetime licence for a one-time cost. A 7-day free trial is available for both options.


EverDesk is the first and only email client that stores email messages as individual files alongside your other files and documents in typical Windows folders, allowing you to keep everything related to a single topic in one place and work with it in a simpler, more adaptable, and more powerful manner. The most sophisticated information management software on the market, EverDesk combines the best features of your email client, file manager, Windows Computer, address book, and calendar into a single tightly integrated interface.

EverDesk stands out as the most potent information manager on the market thanks to its integrated email and file management. You can view, manage, and work with all of your email, all of your attachments, all of your files, and all of your documents using a single interface with any EverDesk edition. Working on individual tasks no longer requires switching between Windows Explorer and your email programme.

The Bat

The Bat! is a powerful email client that focuses on using end-to-end encryption to make your communication secure. It has a tone of productivity-enhancing features in addition to offering your email with the most recent security. Multiple email accounts can be safely set up, and you can easily access them all from one location. It supports IMAP, POP3, MAPI, and Microsoft Exchange email accounts. The user interface can be easily personalized and offers a variety of personalization options. Most text fields can be quickly customized with a few clicks.

Strong filters built into The Bat! that quickly and effectively organize and fetch large amounts of emails are something we particularly like. The Bat! also has a fantastic MailTicker feature that adds a horizontal banner to your screen with the most recent unread emails and predefined quick actions for each email. The Bat! can be used by paying a one-time fee to purchase the Home or Professional edition. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to get a feel for it before purchasing this safe, feature-rich email client, you can use the free trial.


We’ve chosen to include Postbox on this list even though it is a paid email service for Windows and Mac because you can download a free trial version from its website to try it out without having to pay a penny. The word “clean” is perhaps the best one to use to describe Postbox and its approach to email management. The application is logically divided into sections and is well-designed.

Postbox allows you to filter messages in real time, organize by tags or contacts, and tag or contact messages. It also allows you to send large files as links to Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and many other cloud storage services. Even better, you can quickly and easily customize and insert pre-made text, image, and HTML blocks into your emails using this modern email client’s sizable library of pre-canned blocks.

Microsoft Outlook

Since the 1990s, Microsoft Outlook has been the go-to Windows mail client for both big and little businesses. It is still fairly easy to use despite being a sophisticated platform with many cutting-edge features. Furthermore, when combined with Microsoft 365, a set of more than a dozen productivity apps that includes, among others, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint, it fortifies the platform. Any company that wants to invest in just one email client and never look back should use Outlook as their platform.

After downloading, go to Info > Options to access your settings. You begin with a variety of themes and what initially seems like an infinite number of configuration options for the UI’s features. The top menu, which is horizontal and contains all of your command options, can be customized in this manner. You can add any of the many thousands of command options for quick access based on your preferences. The email client also includes pre-made templates, integrated dictation, read-aloud text, and rules for managing emails with keywords, flags, sender names, to/from fields, and more.

Numerous third-party integrations are available to further customize your experience. Viva, a relatively new productivity suite, is available separately for Business plans starting at $4 per user per month and is included with Enterprise plans. Click the blue Viva Insights icon in the top-right corner of the ribbon to view tasks, plan for upcoming meetings, and access other insights for the day. We particularly appreciated the daily update we received on the progress of our submitted requests. also if you know more about this app you can download from its official websites.


As an alternative to Outlook and other paid-for programmes, Mozilla’s Thunderbird is an email client worth taking into consideration. Thunderbird is a well-made piece of software, as you might expect from the developers of the Firebox browser. Installation is simple and the download is free. Once it’s up and running, you’ll see that it has every feature you’d want in an email client. Thunderbird differs from other email clients in that it offers more customization options. There are some particularly cool addons for privacy and security that you can instal to provide extra features and functionality.

Additionally, you can download a variety of themes to further customize your email experience in ways that Outlook and other email clients typically do not allow. Therefore, Thunderbird from Mozilla might be well worth a look if you’d prefer a free but capable email client that you can tweak to give what you need and change the look from the standard vanilla. Thunderbird can appear a little constrained to those accustomed to a cloud-based email system that they can access from any device while on the go.

Kiwi for Gmail

With Kiwi, Google Apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides function as a complete desktop office productivity suite, and Gmail is enhanced. Use Gmail and the Google office suite as standalone, browser-independent programmes with powerful enhanced features. Gmail is an effective programme. The browser is a tool with many uses. If you need an advantage, this is it. We created a powerful engine that, in contrast to the one used by Gmail in the browser, enables the concurrent use of multiple accounts with 100% fidelity and no conflicts.

Additionally, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are compatible with it. To see what has arrived in the past week, the past two days, or today, filter your inbox as necessary. Even more, limit those to just emails with the labels Starred, Unread, Attachments, and Important with Google AI. Combine them to keep your inbox only filled with the emails that are actually important. View the rest of your emails, please. Simply click once to alter it or turn it off.

eM Client

You’ll adore eM Client if you prefer apps with a tone of customization options. eM Client keeps you up to date on all crucial business communication while also functioning as a task tracker. It is packed with a contemporary user interface that is highly customizable and simple to use. With many email services, including Google, Outlook, Office 365, and others, eM Client is highly compatible and simple to integrate. With the eM Client, your emails are encrypted for secure transmission, and you can quickly set up their specific PGP encryption as well. The fantastic built-in translation tool in eM Client is another useful feature that quickly eliminates language barriers.

Additionally, you can Snooze incoming messages, set important emails to be automatically answered, and, best of all, use Undo Send to recall a sent email in order to correct typos. We particularly appreciate eM Client’s robust calendar and task management features. Through the agenda sidebar, you can quickly list upcoming tasks and view them as needed. You can automatically sync tasks you create on one device with other logged-in devices. To manage your scheduled online meetings, you can easily integrate the eM Client calendar with applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Additionally, you can incorporate common IM chat services like Google Hangouts, Jaber, etc.


Spike strikes a good balance between enabling business users and home users to manage their email in a contemporary way, despite the wide variety of use cases for Windows email clients. The best features of email and a messenger app are combined in Spike’s Conversational Email to create a straightforward, quick, and secure email chat. Snooze and Schedule Send are two of the essential features that Spike unlocked. You can schedule emails to be delivered automatically at a later time, regardless of whether the Spike app is open, using Schedule Send, and you can snooze emails until you can focus on them more.

Spike’s online workspace features integrated document management, shared tasks, collaborative notes, and office chat. Users who receive hundreds of emails per day will find Priority Inbox to be an essential feature because it automatically gives more important emails precedence over less important ones. Spike provides a user-first interface that is slick and contemporary. A logical and well-considered layout makes it simple to find tools, information, and more. Additionally, Spike provides the choice of light, dark, and system themes, as well as the ability to customize group icons.

With an email address from the internet, you can join Spike for free. Spike is accessible on the Microsoft Store, which will make things even simpler for Windows users. Spike is a productivity platform built around email, making it simple to communicate with people inside and outside of your company once you start using it. You can have a free Unified Inbox with up to 2 email addresses thanks to Spike! You can upgrade to the Pro plan, which offers a Unified Inbox of up to 3 email addresses along with additional features, storage, and support, for just $5 per user per month when paid annually.

Final Words

An email client is a piece of software that allows you to set up one or more email addresses so that you can send, read, compose, and receive emails from those addresses (s). Additionally, it gives a configured email address a central interface for receiving, writing, and sending (s). Professional communications are most frequently conducted via email because of how much easier and more accessible they have made formal communications. Without the use of mail, it will be difficult to communicate both inside and outside of organizations, as these communications require a secure data transmission medium. Users and businesses are able to establish secure communication using a variety of email clients.

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