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Best firefox addons for using proxy

Update - 2020.04.01

Best firefox addons for using proxy: Proxy are usually used to hide our identity or called as private browsing. configuring the proxy for any browser is quite tedious. but in the case of firefox proxy plugins or firefox proxy add-ons come into the picture. As we know Mozilla Firefox is one for the Best and most popular browsers in the world with the honor of being the 3rd most used after Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Firefox has better, easy support for configuring Proxy. Well, still if you find it boring and hard to configure proxy on firefox, then firefox proxy add-ons or also called as firefox proxy plugins come into the picture. Today we’re here with a list of best Firefox addons for using a proxy. Read More: MOZILLA Firefox review

List Of Best Firefox Addons For Using Proxy


This ( Quick Proxy ) is amazingly lightweight and has one simple function in that you use it to switch on or off your manual proxy configuration you’ve set in Firefox proxy configuration. Very handy indeed though not the most feature rich it’s still an excellent Firefox proxy addon and recommended by Mozilla.

Proxy Switch

If Mozilla Firefox is the web browser you’re currently associated with as preferred web browser on your personal pc, its configurations could only be kept in a sole internet connection which could be set up for once only. For, if you like to have another set up for a direct connection, then you need to impose a new connection configuration for the same within the “Connection Settings” dialog box.


FoxyProxy with a useful set of the feature is an elegant response to the limited proxying problem of Firefox web browser. It allows the manual config of Firefox configurations for web connection an extra increase and helps the continuous overlying of servers to take position according to the switching rules already set by the Firefox user.


This (proxy bar) does exactly what it says on the tin. Quick and easy Proxy Settings. No fumbling around just simple proxy switching in Firefox with ease.

MM3 Proxy Switch

When you need to switch between multiple proxies most of the addons above already do this but with the MM3 proxy switch you’ll enjoy the nicer, easier to the user interface and the settings panel. Overall it’s a great all round proxy management tool.

So above is all about Best Firefox addons for using a proxy. I hope you like it so please don’t forget to share this post with others.