The Best Gaming Controllers In The World

March 25, 2021

There is nothing better than to completely immerse ourselves in the games that we love. But what if we do not have the right equipment to achieve the optimal experience? When it comes to gaming equipment in general, we have seen in many of our manuals that you can essentially upgrade your entire installation if you wanted to. Today, however, we wanted to focus on what you essentially use to dictate the entire game for you with your hands, the Best Gaming Controllers. Whether you’re on Xbox One, PS4, PC or Mac, a smart device with iOS or Android, we have found The Best controllers for gaming to give you an upgrade to the backbone of our entire installation as a whole, so we have something that we are all regardless of our favorite game or system control.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Controllers?

Since we have 10 for the Best gaming controllers below, we want to steer you in the right direction based on your own needs. First, which system do you use for gaming? The Best controllers for gaming come in many different shapes, sizes and of course system compatibility. We have seen some for the Best gaming controllers that extend over multiple consoles, while others only have one to keep it simple. We will list which models are compatible with which systems to help you here. If you are indeed a multi-system gamer, you can try to find a controller that is more versatile than others to use for more than one console or computer (quite a few less than multiple systems) – otherwise, you might need a few ( they are not too expensive compared to other popular gaming stuff).

Then we would like to ask you: wired or wireless? A classical debate by not only gamers but users of electronics in general, whether you want to sacrifice the pros and cons of a wireless controller or want to keep it simple with a wired model, is up to you. With wired controllers, you do not have to worry about recharging the battery before you play (and of course you risk to die in a heated battle or game). But with wireless gaming controllers, and just like with wireless gaming keyboards or a wireless gaming mouse, you have the obvious convenience of more versatility and freedom without limiting yourself to a thread, but you need to stay up-to-date charging (check the capacity of the battery in terms of hours of use – some up to 40 hours).

We have also received complaints from some about the waiting time of games with wireless gaming equipment because it will take a little longer to transfer movements and button data to your system – we have not noticed this in an obvious way, especially nowadays with the Bluetooth progress. The only time we say that we certainly do not go wireless is if we play competitive games and can not even risk a millisecond delay. However, others with more needs for fun can sacrifice a slight delay. It’s up to you at the end.

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Finally, which additional controller functions are yours? We, of course, achieve our upgrade with The Best game controls, not only when it comes to building and ergonomics to offer us a more comfortable and perhaps easier to move experience, but shortcuts and additional buttons if needed. We have some to emulate the original controller of a game system with all functions and buttons, but really just give us an upgrade in building and comfort. Others, however, contain a few other extras that you may find worth the money. These include extra programmable buttons, mounts for smart devices, extra inputs, Bluetooth function, web-surfing compatibility, voice search and more.

Here are the Best Gaming Controllers

SteelSeries Stratus XL

Compatibility: PC Gaming

To begin our list, we have the highly acclaimed SteelSeries Stratus XL, which offers a wireless PC gameplay experience that allows us not to feel restricted by those wires or stationed in a specific environment while enjoying our game. It comes with not only a solid and proven SteelSeries build but also a few high-tech upgrades and features that make it one of our favorite choices as one for the Best controllers for gaming at the moment.

You have the standard movement keys available, middle selection and start, an extra ‘o’ start button in the middle, as well as X, Y, B, and A action buttons. One of the more impressive features is the clickable joysticks of the controller and the push buttons of the controller as opposed to the standard static press, which provides an obvious upgrade of the original controller feel and gives you a real feeling. Built for durability, this solid, compact controller has an ergonomic design that is comfortable in your hands and is a solution that lets you play as long as you can.

The SteelSeries Stratus XL reduces any inconveniences because this controller not only gives you a comfortable feeling but also the possibility to have 40 hours plus wireless access. When it comes to wireless gaming controllers, there is not much more than others can offer if you can sacrifice a bit of latency and keep track of it (that is 40 hours long). All such features make it one for the Best gaming controllers to buy right now.

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Razer Wildcat

Compatibility: Xbox One

After this, we go to a more specific console model for those Xbox One enthusiasts. The Razer Wildcat offers a controller with added multifunction buttons that give you an ideal playing experience and is one for the Best gaming controllers. This is a controller that is meant to be used not only for leisure but also for tournament play and has been developed based on various feedback from some for the Best gamers out the re. Weighed with a great lightweight for its size, this is a very comfortable controller that allows you to hold it with optimum comfort and less pain during binge-playing during those weekend nights.

Relieve any stress you might have with regard to fatigue in your game because the Razer Wildcat is significantly improved from other Xbox controllers in its class. The distinguishing factor is the layout of the button, the beautiful green, and black characteristic Razer aesthetics, as well as the complete adaptation with which you can create your own special buttons for specific functions. The Razer Wildcat reviews speak for themselves, and this is a huge favorite of us as one for the Best controllers for gaming because it optimally manages your experience for those Xbox One junkies.

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Sony Dualshock 4

Compatibility: PlayStation 4

The next step for that PlayStation heads is that we have one of our favorite wireless solutions to really boost that PS4 experience. With different color choices that suit that personality of yours, it connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, gives vibration feedback during those intense or appropriate moments, he has a lightweight construction for comfort and an extra sensor with six axes and a touchpad in the middle of your hands for extra control over your skills.

Of course, you have to stay on top of keeping charged when you’re not using it, but you only need to connect the plug-in to your PS4 system as soon as you’re ready for the day. Finally, we like the fact that it has a 3.5 mm audio jack in the controller itself, so you can connect some headphones and keep them private (something we do quite often). The Sony DualShock 4 is a great solution as one for the Best gaming controllers and a favorite of everyone for PS4 heads. It is also not too expensive.

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Logitech Gamepad F310

Compatibility: PC Gaming

If you’re looking for your PS4 and Xbox experience on your PC or Android TV and the previous PC gaming controller was not your thing plus you wanted to keep it wired, look no further than the F310. Here we have a very budget friendly, comprehensive native-style, and one for the Best gaming controllers that allow you to enjoy your computer gaming experience in a more relaxed position. Set up your PC gaming with this easy-to-use, USB-based controller that lets you enjoy all your favorite games with the two most commonly used input standards (Xinput and DirectInput).

Requires software installation (which is not a problem at all) if you want to use DirectInput mode, however, this is still a versatile controller which is one for the Best gaming controllers on the market for PC gamers who want to save money and get a simple solution. You can also play your games on your own TV by combining the F310 with the large image and by navigating Steam if you like, allowing you to surf and browse the internet. Whether you like games to kill time or enjoy long playing sessions, the Logitech F310 is one for the Best controllers for gaming that will definitely improve the gaming experience on your PC.

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Valve Steam Controller

Compatibility: Steam

If you’re a type of Steam-only and you stick to Valve games (we’ve been using Counter-Strike junkies for over a decade), you can play all Steam games with this game controller without using the traditional combination of keyboard and mouse. The controller allows the user to have a unique experience because it is equipped with dual trackpads, dual-stage triggers, and fully customizable controller schemes. Enjoy your gaming experience with the controls that have different input requirements, because you can now play your game at a higher level, regardless of your favorite genre.

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The Steam Controller also offers improved resolution and the versatility of the inputs, and that is something you may not find so sure in other gamepads that are compatible with Steam, as it is made by the literal creators of the platform. Equipped to deliver more precise gameplay, this high-tech controller specifically targets low-latency and streamlined control in its wireless performance. So use the Valve Steam Controller to enjoy your gaming experience that fits your comfort anywhere in the room. This is certainly one for the Best gaming controllers if Steam is your thing and you play games that are not ideal with the typical arsenal of keyboard and mouse.

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Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710

Compatibility: PC Gaming (Windows)

Use Steam Big Picture and or play on your high-definition television in the comfort of your own gaming environment with this. The Logitech F710 gamepad is a candidate as one for the Best gaming controllers that come without cables and allows you to roam freely through the room simply by inserting the nano receiver of the controller into the USB port for an even faster 2.4 GHz data transfer. The dual vibration feedback motors of the controller are a big highlight, and these allow the user to really feel that they are in the game.

You also have some custom controls with profiler software, a nice smooth and sturdy plastic build, and even better, powered by Double A batteries (two) so you do not have to worry about charging the controller – just swap the batteries instead (hopefully you do not have this during a real game). Experience your gaming potential completely with this reasonably priced, high-tech gaming controller, because with the Logitech F710 you can experience gaming on a completely different level without having to worry about cables or if you keep charging in your hand. It is one for the Best controllers for gaming.

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Razer Serval

Compatibility: Smartphone and PC Gaming (Only Android Devices)

Designed for optimal precision and more control over your mobile games as opposed to a simple touch screen, the Razer Serval offers a state-of-the-art controller that is truly the full package when it comes to the optimal features you will need a great controller for smart devices. The Serval is designed as a Bluetooth controller that is best used with Android devices or Android TV but can also be connected to your computer via USB and used in this way.

This game controller is designed with tactile Hyperesponse ABXY action buttons to fully exploit your potential, as well as analog sticks and Android navigation buttons for everything else you need. If you are a less experienced Android gamer, this controller could be used as a good starting controller because it simplifies your experience and also offers optimized comfort. Now you can play your PC or Android games with a specially designed controller, making the Razer Serval one for the Best gaming controllers sold on Android devices for computers and mobile games.

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SteelSeries Nimbus

Compatibility: Apple TV, iPhone, iPads, and Mac

The SteelSeries Nimbus is a newly improved and one for the Best gaming controllers that offer up to 40 hours of gameplay before recharging. This is a controller that offers the ability to play hundreds of games on all mobile app devices, including Apple TV, making it one for the Best gaming controllers for apps. Simply charge and play at the convenience of any location you find appropriate because the Nimbus is the perfect travel companion that gives you access to all the top games on the market.

What’s also useful is that you can forget the latest and most exciting games for mobile apps, because the SteelSeries Nimbus does the dirty work for you with the offered top game charts all for free. The controller charges itself via a lightning connector, optimizes efficiency and ensures that your controller has The Best possible charge. The SteelSeries Nimbus is nowadays one of the most efficient and one for the Best controllers for gaming.

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Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

Compatibility: Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

This game controller is compatible with Amazon Fire TV or the Fire TV stick and is packed with a lot of high-tech features because Amazon continues to dominate electronics with its own brand. Bring your game experience to the next level, as the Amazon Fire game controller gives you the ability to have optimal precision with its ergonomic design, making it fit perfectly in your hands. This is built for great response time, this is a service that lets you play your binge video game sessions effortlessly.  A great feature is the direct voice command of the controller, with which you can easily talk into the controller to help you find the games, shows, movies and music you are looking for.

The game industry is hypercompetitive and therefore constantly innovating and evolving, and Amazon’s controller is not short and is certainly one for the Best controllers for gaming in the Amazon Fire TV world. The Fire TV Gaming Controller controller offers the whole package because it is not only comfortable for your hands but also comes with a stereo headphone jack so you can lose yourself in the sound of your movies, music and video games without distractions. Enjoy up to 90 hours of games without your headphones.

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GameSir G3

Compatibility: Android smart devices

The GameSir G3 is our last choice to complete the list of best gaming controllers and is another unique option when it comes to Android smartphones and tablets. The mobile game industry has exploded and if you are involved in this specific game experience, you should now know that having the optimal controller is of the utmost importance when you are no longer playing with your touchscreen. The 32-bit high-speed MCU chip of the G3 provides increased sensitivity d a great response time.

It is wireless and takes about 18 hours and there are some lights associated with your game (not always very accurate, and we have seen user reviews that say it is difficult to temper them). It is difficult to deny that the GameSir G3 is one for the Best controllers for gaming, unlike the lesser-known brand name, otherwise, it is a solid choice for improving your gaming experience if you are an Android head and have a strict budget.

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So, these are our The Best Controllers For Gaming that you can buy right now. To make this list useful for every reader, we have mentioned all types of gaming controllers, whether you need one of PS4, or for PC gaming, or for your Xbox One. Smartphone gamers will also find this list helpful as we have mentioned the controllers for smartphone gaming too. Let us know your thoughts on this list by mentioning them in the comments box below.

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