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Description Html5: Up and running

Somehow if you don’t know about the new features available in HTML5, now’s the time to find out. This book gives useful information about how and why the newest version of this markup language will significantly improve the way you develop for the Web.

The HTML5 is quiet evolving, yet browsers such as Safari, Opera, Mozilla, and Chrome already support lots of its features, and mobile browsers are even farther ahead. HTML5: Up & Running carefully guides you through the necessary changes in this version with numerous hands-on examples, including markup, screenshots, and graphics. Read Also: Best Deals: Buy HTML5 Books with Great offer and discount

I can say that I was relieved that I enjoyed the book, and can see myself utilizing it regularly to reference a variety of HTML5-related tags — especially some of those that I wasn’t already familiar with.

Product Details
Title– HTML5: Up and Running
Pages– 222
Formats– Print Ebook Safari Books Online
By– Mark Pilgrim
Publisher– O’Reilly Media

As discussed, the book is authored by Mark Pilgrim. By the title you may not essentially know him; he’s no Zeldman or Santa Maria. However, he’s no less an authority in his areas of expertise than these guys are in theirs. So whereas that is assumed to be a review of the book itself, I think with a broad tag like this one, it’s imperative that the author has an absolute voice, one we while developers can rely on.

This book, however, just isn’t for beginners to markup or scripting. When you’re an experienced HTML and JavaScript developer, this book will provide an excellent introduction and guide to many of the latest and most enjoyable parts of HTML5 and the related APIs. You’ll also learn to use HTML5 markup to add video, offline abilities, and also you’ll be able to put that functionality to work right away.

Thus whenever you’re studying for something more in-depth than Jeremy Keith’s book or more authoritative than on-line tutorials and articles, than be sure to pick up a copy of HTML5: Up and Running or else read it online.

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HTML5: Up and Running - O'Reilly Media. If you don't know about the new features available in HTML5, now's the time to find out with this book

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