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Best iOS Games

Best iOS Games – Do you like to play games on your iOS device in your free time, or maybe in your not-so-free time? I am sure we’re all guilty of playing a game or two when we should be doing other things, like paying awareness in class or working. You’re probably already aware of the most popular multiplayer games. Today more than millions of user that are using iOS devices and many of them love to play games on their device.

So today I’m here with a list of Best iOS games of 2020. Check out our list here and tell us if you like it… 🙂

Best iOS Games List

Pirates Life 2: The Lost Chapters

Create your own pirate and go head-to-head with up to 3 of your friends through Game Center. You’ll have to catch down ships and cities and play mini-games in order to earn gold pieces. You can use your gold to repair or buy new ships, buy accessories for your pirates, upgrade your weapons, and more.

Describe IT

Describe IT is a superb game. It doesn’t take much of your phone space and it’s pretty easy to understand this game. People of any age group can play this game. Describe IT has some wonderful features like you can challenge up to 4 friends and see who can guess the fastest, the fastest to guess wins cash off the slowest.

Real Tic Tac Toe

Real Tic Tac Toe is one of the famous games and it’s played a lot all over the world. Michal Glet creates the app version of this game so that you can play it anywhere you want to without the need for a paper and pen. You can play with your friends or family.


W. E. L. D. E. R Wars Free is a similar game compared to minesweeper, the main thing is that it doesn’t deal with numbers. You can share the score on the Fb and Twitter, you can play this game with your friends, you can undo the last move and a lot of leaderboards and achievements.

Road Warrior Racing Multiplayer


Road Warrior Racing Multiplayer is one of the on-demand games on the iOS market. This is one of the biggest hits on all the OS, from Android to iOS. In this game, you get to customize your car by adding a lot of weapons to make your vehicle tough and if your car makes it to the end you’ll be the winner.

Slingshot Trials

Crescent Moon Games have developed a pretty cool game. It’s cool because of its main and special concept. You can play this game with more than 5 players. Slingshot Trials has taken some of the best features like stunning graphics for iPad and iPhone Retina displays, revolutionary controls, addictive gameplay, gorgeous 3d effects, easy to pick up and difficult to master, shadows, and particle systems, game center achievements and leaderboards, 4 players simultaneous play on one iPad or iPhone! Play against your whole family, you can save your gaming updates on iCloud and you can Tweet or Post your high scores on Fb.

So above is all about Best iOS games. I hope you like this, so please don’t forget to share this article with others.