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Best LG Soundbars

by Edmund Blake
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best LG soundbars

Home theater soundbar audio systems have succeeded in creating immersive audio that has transformed our living rooms into personal cinemas. Suddenly, the night news and the big game had the same booming and dramatic sound reproduction as hit action movies. But soundbars aren’t simply a way to recreate a cinematic sound experience at home.

With the dramatic advancements in audio technology that have made it possible to provide an intense listening experience with tiny earbuds, we have responded with spatial extensions and sweeteners to enhance the sound experience, and LG has climbed to the top of the heap with a massive sound that is hard to imagine in a compact, low-profile design. Below we have mentioned the best LG soundbars.

Here is the list of Best LG Soundbars

LG S95QR Soundbar

Easily one of the best LG soundbars, the LG S95QR is the best LG soundbar we’ve tested. It is a premium 9.1.5 setup with many features, and its versatile performance makes it ideal for listening to everything from music to movies to TV shows. The design is quite unique, with two active drivers for Dolby Atmos content, plus an additional center channel. Dialogue is clear and present in the mix, and the added center channel slightly improves the dialog’s position in the soundstage.

However, it does not stand out from other bars that only feature traditional front-firing drivers. Like many premium setups, it also has room correction, which, when enabled, allows the bar’s heavy bass to add plenty of boom and punch to the mix. It’s a bit muddy sounding, but can easily be made more neutral with the bass and treble adjustment features.

LG SP7Y 5.1 Soundbar

Looking for a soundbar that hits the sweet spot of functionality, sound quality, output, and affordability? The LG SP7Y might be your best bet. Featuring a solid mix of sound shaping features found across the LG range and boasting a sturdy 440 watt power output, this system makes mid-range sound more like top-of-the-range. The SP7Y benefits from Meridian and DTS Virtual: X digital signal processing, which adds virtual height and surround, as well as enhanced bass and vocals, to boost 24-bit, 96kHz high-resolution audio.

Like its close cousin SP9YA, this system also includes the TV sound sharing feature, which takes advantage of a connected LG TV for additional processing power. While it lacks the voice control, room calibration, and added extras found on more expensive packages, the LG SP7Y reaches all the high points of home entertainment at a price that most can bear.


If you want the smallest soundbar but don’t want to compromise on specs, the QP5 is definitely the way to go. It has no networking or streaming capabilities, but it packs a Dolby Atmos setup into its tiny bezel. As for audio quality, it’s fair to say that the other soundbars on this list offer a more revealing aspect ratio of the Dolby Atmos soundtrack. Overall, this is one of the best LG soundbars that you can buy right now.

But when it comes to scale, realism, and direct aggression, they are far superior to what a TV can handle on its own. So while you can certainly buy a more capable soundbar for this amount of money, you can’t buy one as small as this.

LG S90QY SoundBar

If you are looking for a versatile LG soundbar at a more affordable price, check out the LG S90QY. This 5.1.3 configuration was released in 2022 and, like the LG S95QR, features three firing channels, two of which are dedicated to pitch content, along with another serving as a second center channel. It has many of the same features, including room correction, and its default sound is fairly uniform, especially in the mids where lead vocals and instruments are played.

Its dedicated subwoofer provides extended bass, so there’s a lot of thud in the mix. It’s a solid option if you don’t have room for rear speakers in your setup. This soundbar also supports multi-channel content such as Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos, which you can find on different streaming and Blu-ray platforms.

LG GX SoundBar

If you are looking for the best soundbar to pair with your LG TV, the GX is worth considering due to its sleek and calculated design that aims to pack powerful sound and Dolby Atmos playback into a 1.2-inch thick unit. The GX soundbar itself is wide and tall, making it suitable for wall-mounting under the GX series of OLED TVs, but not so suitable for table-top placement.

The included wireless subwoofer is also small at 7.1 inches wide, and while it has a slim design, it plays a solid 3.1 channel audio. it has the same features as LG’s current soundbars, including HDMI and optical inputs, HDMI eARC, and Bluetooth, but it lacks the SP9YA and SP11RA’s It is unfortunate that it does not have room acoustic calibration, which is available on the SP9YA and SP11RA. Thus, this product is one of the best LG soundbars available right now.

LG SP9YA Soundbar

Easily one of the best LG soundbars, the LG SP9YA is the previous generation of the LG S90QY and is a more affordable option for those seeking a more wallet-friendly soundbar. This 5.1.2 setup has one less channel. While there is a front-firing center, there is no launch center as in the next generation. There are some slight differences in the sound, including a slight narrowing of the dialogue pitch in the mix.

However, you have to look closely to see the difference, so it may not mean much. Other than that, there are no major differences from the bar in terms of sound; the SP9YA’s balanced performance allows it to reproduce lead vocals and instruments with clarity and detail, and its extended bass lets the action scenes roar.

LG SN6Y 3.1 SoundBar

The LG SN6Y benefits from the technologies and features found in LG’s high-end soundbars, including LG’s AI Sound Pro adaptive sound control and seamless Sound Sync wireless connectivity via Bluetooth; DTS digital Surround, and 3.1-channel virtual surround in eight audio formats including Dolby Digital, FLAC, WAV, and AAC, with the addition of a rear expansion kit for a true 5.1-channel surround experience.

Easily one of the best LG soundbars, the SN6Y does not support Dolby Atmos, but does offer DTS Virtual: X multi-dimensional audio processing and Bass Blast + sound mode. In addition, the night mode allows you to turn up or down the sound intensity, so it won’t wake up the house if the volume gets too loud during a car chase or other loud scene.

LG SL5Y SoundBar

The LG SL5Y can perform at its best even with only 2.1 channels. A combined total power of 400 watts between the soundbar and the external subwoofer ensures immersive and realistic sound that pairs well with LG TVs. Products with advanced technologies like Adaptive Sound Control, Bass Blast and DTS Virtual: X can create a sound that completely envelops you. With this sound quality, it’s hard to believe this product isn’t a 5 channel soundbar.

Besides, it has such an affordable price. The affordable soundbar is one of the options featuring Bluetooth wireless streaming for easy connection to different devices. This product has a sleek and modern design, which makes it one of the best LG TV soundbars. Thus, this product is one of the best LG soundbars available right now.

Final Words

Choosing between the best LG soundbars and the products that will work with your LG TV can be challenging, especially if you are a first-time buyer. In compiling this list of the best LG soundbars, our staff reviewed a wide range of products against many important criteria and features. After spending a great deal of time personally swapping soundbar assortments, talking to other experts, and reading user feedback when not actively listening, we knew we needed to look for newer generation components to ensure compatibility with Dolby Atmos.

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