Best » The 5 Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms (2023) illuminate your space

The 5 Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms (2023) illuminate your space

Enhance the quality of your bathroom lighting by selecting the most suitable bulbs to accommodate various spatial requirements and desired ambiances.

by Edmund Blake & Robert Barnes
11 minutes read
Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms

From my own experiences, I’ve learned how important it is Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms. It’s an important part of making sure that your morning skincare procedure or outfit choice is well-lit and easy. Larry Campbell, a qualified master electrician and member of Compsmag, says it well: “The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important places in your home to have good lighting.”

When looking for the right lighting, it’s important to think about more than just the lights above your bathroom mirror. Campbell points out that bathroom lighting comes in many forms, such as vanity lighting, ceiling lighting, and even lighting in the shower.

Keeping all of this in mind, I did a lot of study and compared many light bulbs based on how bright they were, how well they showed colors (CRI), how long they lasted, and how well they used energy. Through this process, I’ve found the best light bulbs for bathrooms, ones that can be dimmed, have good contrast, and look nice. It’s important to remember that LED lights have become the new standard for light bulbs because they use less energy. Because of this, standard incandescent lights are slowly being replaced by ones that are better for the environment.

Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms Comparison Table

The selection of the appropriate light bulb for the bathroom is of the utmost importance since it ensures that your morning ritual, skincare, and the whole experience you have in the bathroom are well-illuminated and productive.

FeatureBulb TypeWattageBrightness (Lumens)Color TemperatureLifespan (Hours)Base TypeLatest Deal
Dimmable Vintage Edison FilamentVintage Edison Filament LED6 Watts600 Lumens2700K (Warm White)15,000 hoursE26 (Standard)
GE Reveal LED A19LED A1910 Watts800 Lumens2850K (Soft White)13.7 yearsE26 (Standard)Check Deal
OHLUX Smart WiFi LEDSmart WiFi LED9 Watts810 LumensAdjustable (2700K – 6000K)30,000 hoursE26 (Standard)Check Deal
Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25LED G25 Globe5 Watts450 Lumens2700K (Warm White)25,000 hoursE26 (Standard)Check Deal
EcoSmart A19 LEDLED A199.5 Watts800 Lumens2700K (Soft White)10,000 hoursE26 (Standard)Check Deal

List of the Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms

When it comes to safety, it’s important to make sure that the Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms you use are suitable for the fixtures you have, and that you install them properly, adhering to the rules provided by the manufacturer and taking other necessary safeguards. The lighting in the bathroom plays a key part in determining the disposition and atmosphere of the room. If you have the right lighting, your bathroom can have a more inviting and calming ambience, which will make it a more delightful location to spend time.

Dimmable Vintage Edison Filament LED Light Bulb

Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms
Bulb TypeVintage Edison Filament LED
Wattage6 Watts
Brightness600 Lumens
Color Temperature2700K (Warm White)
Lifespan15,000 hours

Because the light emitted by these innovative six-packs of soft white LED bulbs has a tone that is comparable to the light that enters the room through a window, they provide all of the lighting options that you might want for the bathroom.

They are a wonderful option for anyone who stands in front of the vanity in order to style their hair, apply cosmetics, or engage in any other activity that requires sufficient illumination.These dimmable light bulbs have a 93% reduced energy usage compared to a standard incandescent light bulb when used in the same setting.

The Good

  1. Vintage filament design adds a nostalgic touch to lighting.
  2. Dimmable feature allows for adjustable brightness.
  3. Energy-efficient LED technology for cost savings.

The Bad

  1. The vintage design may not suit modern decor.

GE Reveal LED A19 Light Bulb

Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms
Bulb TypeLED A19
Wattage10 Watts
Brightness800 Lumens
Color Temperature2850K (Soft White)
Lifespan13.7 years (Based on 3 hours/day)
Check Price

The GE LED Reveal Light Bulb gives you all the Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms you could want. It gives off clear, white light that looks like sunshine and has a CRI score of 90 or more for good color contrast without any yellow tones. The colors of everything under the light should be the same as they would be in natural light. This makes this bulb perfect for beauty and cleaning activities.

The light is plenty bright with 650 lumens. Also, it can be turned down, so if you have a dimmer switch, you can turn it down at night or set the scene for a relaxing bath. But the dimmable function doesn’t always work as well as it could. But in addition to giving off great light, the bulb is also made in a way that saves energy, which makes it one of our favorites. The bulb uses only 9 watts of power to give off the same amount of light as 60 watts. It is expected to last up to 13 years.

The Good

  1. GE’s Reveal technology provides vibrant, true-to-life colors.
  2. Dimmable for creating the desired ambiance.
  3. Long lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacements.

The Bad

  1. Compatibility with certain dimmer switches may vary.

OHLUX Smart WiFi LED Light Bulbs

Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms
Bulb TypeSmart WiFi LED
Wattage9 Watts
Brightness810 Lumens
Color TemperatureAdjustable (2700K – 6000K)
Lifespan30,000 hours
Check Price

If you are determined to implement hub-free smart home technology in your bathroom, your best chance is to get this four-pack of dimmable Ohlux WiFi LED bulbs. They are capable of displaying multiple colors and can change their tone from warm to light. Both Alexa and Google Home can use them without any problems.

Jose is a happy customer who has purchased these customized bulbs from Amazon. “The best feature is the color temperature control for morning and night,” he adds in his review. “It’s just the best for the money in its category and almost beats out Hue.”

The Good

  1. Smart bulbs can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app.
  2. Adjustable color temperature suits various lighting needs.
  3. Energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology.

The Bad

  1. Requires a WiFi connection and compatible app for smart control.

Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Globe

Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms
Bulb TypeLED G25 Globe
Wattage5 Watts
Brightness450 Lumens
Color Temperature2700K (Warm White)
Lifespan25,000 hours
Check Price

When the style of the light fixture calls for exposed bulbs, decorative globe lights are an excellent choice for use over bathroom vanities. While only consuming 6 watts of power, this 10-pack of LED lights has the same lighting output as a 40-watt incandescent bulb. Even though the total lumen output of each bulb is only 450, which might not seem like much, it will be adequately bright when used in conjunction with other bulbs in a vanity light fixture.

Their color temperature is a neutral soft white at 3,000K, which provides the correct illumination for applying cosmetics while simultaneously providing lighting that is pleasing. They have bases that are E26, and their dimmability ranges from ten to one hundred percent. Each bulb has a base that is 4.46 inches tall and a diameter of 3.15 inches. The total height of the bulb, including the base, is 4.46 inches.

The Good

  1. Affordable 10-pack for multiple lighting installations.
  2. Energy-efficient LED bulbs for reduced energy costs.
  3. Dimmable for creating the desired lighting atmosphere.

The Bad

  1. Lower brightness compared to some other bulbs.

EcoSmart A19 LED Light Bulb

Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms
Bulb TypeLED A19
Wattage9.5 Watts
Brightness800 Lumens
Color Temperature2700K (Soft White)
Lifespan10,000 hours
Check Price

Use these inexpensive EcoSmart A19 LEDs that can’t be dimmed to light up your bathroom. Each bulb gives off the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb but only uses 9.5 watts of energy, just like our Best Overall pick. Also, these cheap light bulbs give off 840 lumens of light. In terms of brightness, they are brighter than our best bulbs, but if you want a bright, clean light source in the bathroom, the cool daylight color could be perfect. But if you like a bit of warmth, you should look for other light bulbs instead of this one.

These EcoSmart lights last an average of 11,000 hours, which is a little less than half as long as other LED bulbs. Still, this pack of EcoSmart LED lights is hard to beat for how cheap it is. Overall, this bulb gives off a clear, bright light that is great for any job where color and brightness are important.

The Good

  1. Affordable multipack offers value for money.
  2. Energy-efficient LED technology reduces electricity bills.
  3. Dimmable feature for adjusting brightness to your preference.

The Bad

  1. Shorter lifespan compared to some other LED bulbs.

Why Dimmable Light Bulbs Are Ideal for Bathroom Lighting?

There are many good reasons why dimmable light bulbs are the best choice for bathroom lighting:

  • Versatile Lighting Levels: Dimmable bulbs let you change the level of brightness to suit your needs and tastes. In the bathroom, you usually need different levels of light for different jobs. For example, you might want bright, focused light when shaving or putting on makeup, but softer, dimmer light when taking a bath to rest. Dimmable bulbs give you the freedom to set the right mood lighting for any scenario.
  • Better mood and comfort: Bathrooms are places to relax and take care of yourself. Dimmable lighting can do a lot to set the scene and make your bathroom more comfortable. When you turn down the lights during a bath or before bed, it provides a calm and soothing atmosphere that helps you relax and unwind.
  • Energy Efficiency: Glare and sharp shadows will be less of a problem in the bathroom if the lights are turned down. Bright, harsh lighting can make uncomfortable reflections in mirrors and cast shadows on your face that don’t look good. With dimmable lights, you can avoid some of these problems and get better, more flattering lighting.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Bathroom Light Bulbs

When choosing light bulbs for your bathroom, there are a few important things to keep in mind to make sure you get the right amount of light and atmosphere. Here are the most important things to think about:

  • Brightness (Lumens): Figure out how bright you want your bathroom to be. Higher lumens mean that the light is brighter, which is good for jobs like shaving or putting on makeup. Try to find a happy medium between enough light and enough warmth.
  • Color Temperature (Kelvin): The bathroom’s mood is affected by the color temperature of a bulb. Warmer temperatures (around 2700K) make a cozy, soft light, while cooler temperatures (5000K or higher) make a bright, daylight-like light. Choose a color temperature that goes with the style and purpose of your bathroom.
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): Color Rendering Index, or CRI, is a way to measure how well a light source shows colors. In baths, it’s best to have a CRI of 90 or higher so that skin tones and decor colors look natural and true.

Questions and Answers

Why are dimmable light bulbs recommended for bathroom use?

Dimmable light bulbs are suggested because you can change how bright they are to fit your needs. This function is especially useful for changing the mood of the bathroom light.

What are the advantages of LED light bulbs for bathroom lighting?

Due to how much less energy they use, LED light bulbs are now the norm in bathrooms. Compared to old-style light bulbs, they are better for the environment and last longer.

How do you choose the right bulb shape to match your bathroom’s aesthetics and fixtures?

The shape of the bulb you choose should go with the look and features of your bathroom. Think about the style and design of your bathroom and choose bulbs that match the look you’re going for.

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