Best OCR Software

Best OCR Software

The finest OCR software offers a quick method for digitizing paper documents into PDF files for convenient storage. To make it simpler to handle all paperwork, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software gives you the option to employ document scanning to scan invoices, text, and other files into digital forms, notably PDF. Particularly given that contemporary OCR scanning software is considerably more capable of operating quickly, flawlessly, and accurately these days. The latter is crucial when actually attempting to search through scanned documents because incorrectly structured scans necessitate repeating the entire process and wasting labor moving the papers to scan in the first place.

Assuming they haven’t been recycled previously.  The end result is a simpler document management strategy that allows you to archive important documents in a way that is both accessible and retrievable using online storage (check out some of the best cloud storage providers we’ve found) or specialized cloud document storage providers. Overall, this has led to the paperless workplace becoming a reality more and more. The quantity of papers that have yet to be scanned is probably the only thing holding that back, but now that documents can be scanned both individually and in groups, the procedure is much more effective. Below we have mentioned some of the best OCR Software.

Here is the list of Best OCR Software


An AI-based OCR program called Nanonets automates data collection for intelligent document processing of documents including ID cards, invoices, and receipts. Advanced OCR, machine learning image processing, and Deep Learning are all used by Nanonets to extract pertinent facts from unstructured data. It has several cool Zapier connectors and is quick, precise, simple to use, and it enables users to create their own own OCR models from start. With a straightforward, user-friendly interface, you can digitize documents, extract data fields, and link them with your regular programs via APIs. Overall, this is one of the Best OCR Software that you can download.


Using the robust and precise OCR engine ReadIRIS, scanned documents and pictures may be turned into searchable, editable text. It provides a broad selection of features and choices, making it a strong and flexible OCR solution for a range of purposes One of the best OCR programs for scanned documents and invoices is ReadIRIS. It is an optical character recognition program that is quick and accurate and can read text in over 130 different languages.

It may be included into your workflow and is simple to use. It includes a wide range of features for editing PDF files as well as turning scanned data into editable documents. You may test out all of the capabilities of this document digitizing program for a full 30 days for free. It runs on both Windows and Mac. This is the best OCR Software.

Kofax OmniPage

The most precise OCR engine in the world is Kofax OmniPage. It converts paper documents and PDF files into editable, searchable, and shareable digital files. It is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to convert paper documents into digital files since it offers up to 99% accuracy. You may scan and convert documents with OmniPage into a number of formats, such as PDF, Word, Excel, and others. For now, this is one of the best OCR Software you can consider.

Additionally, this system has strong OCR (optical character recognition) and document security capabilities. Paper papers may be quickly converted into digital formats, which makes it simple to manage, distribute, and keep your records. OmniPage provides highly accurate support for 124 different languages. The most tempting aspect is that each license only costs one time, which will surely result in both immediate and long-term financial savings. you can also read more information on its official website.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

OCR software like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC enables you to extract text from scanned documents and create editable PDF files. Intelligent PDFs may be created, edited, and converted to JPG and Microsoft Office formats. Additionally, you may instantly print or compress from Pro DC, share PDFs, and sign PDFs. Additionally, Adobe reads your text, detects your font, and changes the PDF to use that font.

The OCR tool also provides a variety of editing options, such as text recognition, remark addition, page rearranging, and file combining. Additionally, you have the option to rotate, delete, or trim pages. You may also download the Acrobat Reader mobile software on your smartphone and use it to remove, reorder, insert, or rate PDF documents. Additionally, you may scan papers, receipts, whiteboards, and more to PDF with the Adobe Scan apps. Currently, this is the best OCR Software you can check now.

ABBYY FineReader PDF 15

The PDF solution ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 uses AI-based OCR technology to produce and improve all PDF documents. Additionally, it enables the workflow-based digitization, retrieval, protection, collaboration, and sharing of many document formats. Additionally, it gives you the ability to edit phrases, paragraphs, and even document structure. Through a text box, notes, and a comprehensive selection of drawings and markup tools, ABBYY enables you to annotate any portion of the PDF file. Overall, this is the best OCR Software you can consider.

Markups may also be commented on, and comments can be replied to. Make the process of allocating comments to various collaborators more transparent. You may search comments using keywords, sorting, and filtering as well. Even collecting several digital signatures on the document is an option. The ability to compare documents in various formats, automate digitization and conversion processes, create fillable PDF forms, and more are key features.


SimpleOCR may have helped me address the issue I was encountering while attempting to recognize handwriting with the tools provided by Microsoft. However, the handwriting recognition feature is only available as a free trial for a period of 14 days. However, there are none of these constraints when it comes to machine print recognition. The way that SimpleOCR handled basic text was excellent, but the way that it handled layouts with several columns was a letdown. In my experience, the precision of the conversion provided by the Microsoft tools was noticeably higher than that provided by SimpleOCR.

Photo Scan

You may get Photo Scan, a free Windows OCR application, from the Microsoft Store. The software, developed by Define Studios, combines a QR code reader with an OCR scanner. Direct the program to a file output or an image. You may also provide your computer with a picture to see by using the camera. Photo Scan doesn’t function with PDF files, in contrast to a few other utilities in this article. In a window next to it, the identified text is shown. Still, it is one of the best OCR Software you can consider.

One standout feature is text to speech. The software will read what it just scanned aloud when you click the speaker button. The identification of printed text was decent, however it is not very good for handwritten material. When everything is finished, the OCR text can be saved in a variety of forms, including Text, HTML, Rich Text, XML, and Log format.

OmniPage Ultimate

Give OmniPage Ultimate a look if you treat OCR scanning seriously or if it’s an important part of your company’s operations. It has a ton of capabilities that go above and beyond what you may anticipate, and even while the cost is quite hefty, most small firms can still afford it. If you put down some money, you can convert paper documents from almost any scanning source into almost any type of digital file you choose. Everything works really quickly as well.

OmniPage Ultimate may really start to save you time if you have a lot of paper to sort through. This software, which is renowned for its conversion accuracy and is trusted by some of the biggest names in business, including Amazon, Ford, and GE, allows you to create custom workflows so that your documents are automatically delivered to the appropriate location in the appropriate format, as required. This is one of the best OCR Software you can download.

Final Words

OCR, or optical character recognition, is the technology that allows text to be read by a computer from a scanned image. If you scan a form or receipt into your computer, the resulting picture file will be stored in your documents. You can’t use a word counter, search engine, or other text-editing tools on the picture file since it is in a different format.

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