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Penetration Tester Interview Question – Many companies require penetration testing and vulnerability assessments completed for agreement or customer assurance but don’t know about penetration testing or how it works. Hello, Compsmagers, today I am going to share a list of Top 10 Best Penetration Tester Interview Questions 2019 that are asked during Penetration tester Job interviews. But first of all, let’s understand who’re Penetration testers. Penetration testing professionals are those who know how to give protection to a network or system and to find flaws in network or application security. When you’ve got a Penetration tester profile interview, here are some important questions you might get asked in the field.

So check out our list of Best Penetration Tester Interview Question 2019 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below.

Penetration Tester Interview Question – List

Q1. Who Does Pen Testing? 

Pentesting is performed by the dedicated security experts and pen testing experts. They a use set of tools to uncover information security issues in an application. Many large organizations have an information security staff that takes care of performing pen testing. Small organizations typically outsource this or sometimes don’t pay a lot of attention to it at all until their software has been severely attacked and caused substantial damages.

Q2. What’s traceroute? How does Traceroute or Tracert work?

Traceroute and Tracert work are used to determine the route that goes from the host’s PC to a remote machine. It’s used to distinguish if packets are redirected, take too long, or the number of hops used to send traffic to a host.

Q3. What type of Penetration can be done with the Diffie Hellman Exchange?

A hacker can use the person in middle attack with the Diffie Hellman exchange since neither side of the transaction is authenticated. Users can use the SSL or encryption between messages to add some security and authentication.

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Q4. What is the difference between A Vulnerability Assessment and A Penetration Test?

A Vulnerability Assessment (VA) informs on whether your network environment has any vulnerabilities. A penetration test digs deeper than just identifying security weaknesses, they actively look, and the hopes of exploiting any of holes in your system’s security, exploitation of the vulnerability confirm its existence. Manual testing identifies the security weaknesses that a simple scan would not be able to find.

Q5. What is SQL Injection?

Your applicant should be able to explain this process that an attacker provides SQL data to a web form input box to get access to your resources and make changes to your data. They want to know that it is probably for a penetration tester to defile the data by modifying the database. SQL injection can also be used to get remote control access to the database, using it to delve deeper into the network environment. Assure that your applicant knows how this can affect the business.

Q6. Do you do any scripting?

An excellent penetration tester knows how to write scripts that automate some of the testings You can use most of any language to write scripts. Describe the script you wrote and the language you used.

Q7. What’s the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption?

Symmetric encryption uses the same key for decryption and encryption. Asymmetric uses different keys.

Q8. What kind of tools are there out there for packet sniffing?

Wireshark is probably the most common packet sniffing tool. This program can help you to determine odd traffic across the network or identify the program that is sending traffic silently from the host.

Q9. How do you add security to a website?

The HTTP protocol allows for the safety behind authenticated pages and directories. If the user does not enter the right username and password, the server returns a 403 authentication HTTP error. This protects from unauthorized users.

Q10. What are the phases of Network Penetration?

Knowing how to be a hacker is going to exploit weaknesses is essential to mounting an effective defense. The tester should be especially conscious of the phases of a successful penetration or hack. These are reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, and covering tracks. The candidate should be able to give an explanation for every of these phases in depth and what their strategy would be to counter them.