Best Snapchat Tricks of 2021

Best Snapchat Tricks: If are you a Snapchat user? Did You know that Snapchat is a daily dispatch numbered 400 million messages; This is one of the most popular messaging apps today makes clear? In Snapchat, you can share images with friends. The images destruct after a short time itself this is Snapchat. So if you are Snapchat lovers than today we’ll tell you some best & hidden features and Best Snapchat tricks of 2021 that will make you love it even more. Check out our list of Best Snapchat tricks below and leave comments if you like it!

Best Snapchat tricks

Swapping Camera With Tips

Ever felt like swapping from the back to the front camera or the other way round? No doubt the re’s an option on the top of the screen, but let’s agree there are the times when we all feel lazy enough to reach to that icon, an easy way to do it’s to double tap on your screen. Just try it, you won’t regret trying this trick.

Replaying a Snap

Snapchat allows for a feature in which you can see a snap more than one time in a day after you’ve seen it for the first time. To unlock this feature on the main screen tap on the Snapchat icon and then click on the settings icon and then click on manage under additional services. There check the option of replay. Now once you have seen a snap initially, you’ll be allowed to watch it again once in a day.

Edit Pictures on Snapchat

Photos snapped with Snapchat are kind of grainy, and they’re used to be no in-application picture filters to help improve the pictures’ quality. But it’s a different story now, as you can now allow filters from within Snapchat to improve your pictures’ quality slightly.

Use Large Font Size

To use the large font size for your photo, just enable the special text in Settings > Manage. Once you have it enabled, just tap on the “T” button at the high right corner of the screen after entering a photo caption and you’ll see the large font size applied to the text.

Change the Number of Best Friends

On Snapchat, the people you message the most frequently are automatically added to your list of Best Friends. And by default, the number of friends on your Best Friends list is 3, but you change it to 5 and 7. To do that, just head over to Settings > Manage, tap on # of Best Friends, and select either 3, 5, or 7.

Delete Snapchat Account

If unlinking your username from your mobile number doesn’t panic about your data security, you may also delete your Snapchat account and make a new one.

Front-Facing Flash

Now, this might not be the most efficient of issues that we’re on the list but is a must-try. If you go to the same menu in which you went to turn replay on (i.e. by clicking on the Snapchat icon and then clicking on manage, you will see other option of front-facing flash. What this option does is that it’ll allow you to have a flash (kind of) when clicking with your front camera. This kind of camera flash does nothing but turns your screen white, which causes a little more brightness on the entrance facet whereas clicking a picture, and this might be really helpful if you’re clicking with your front camera in the dark.

Using a Large Font Size

Just in case, you feel like having a larger size on your text, click on the T while typing and it’ll turn into an enclosed T as shown in the picture. This will, in turn, give you a larger text.

QR Code Home Screen

On opening the Snapchat application, if you click on the ghost icon on the top, you will see a window. Now, this ghost part in yellow can be used as a QR code for your friends to find you on Snapchat.

Work on Your Story Game

The heart of Snapchat for brands is the “story” feature. While Snapchat got its start by helping as a way to message someone privately, the story feature has been the real takeaway for marketers. What is the better way to tell a story that visually, with ten-second clips that expire after 24 hours?