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The Technology News Websites and Blogs

Update - 2020.04.03

Technology News Websites and Blogs – It’s an aura of technological excellence. Latest technology, new gadgets, and reviews, most discussed things between tech freaks. Many websites & blogs become popular by giving the latest information about tech news and new gadgets and mobiles. Nowadays you have to keep you updated with the latest technologies and devices, and if you don’t, you look like a fool in front of the world. So, today we are here with the list of best The tech news websites and blogs by which you can regularly update with the latest technology, upcoming gadgets, and reviews.

Technology News Websites and Blogs – List

10. Digg

Digg is a social news website. Before Digg v4, its cornerstone function consisted of allowing people vote stories up or down, called digging and burying, respectively. Digg’s popularity provoke the creation of copycat social networking sites with story submission and voting systems. Quantcast estimates Digg’s monthly U.S. unique visitors at 4.3 million.

9. Digital Trends

This website ‘upgrade your lifestyle’ slogan of this websites says all on this site. It features breaking news for computers, mobiles, home theater, lifestyle products, and gaming devices. It also features the information about cars, music, photography.

8. Wired

Get in-depth coverage of current and prospect trends in technology, and how they’re shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics, and culture at

7. TechCrunch

It is a web publication that offers technology news and analysis, as well as profiling of newly startup companies, products, and websites. Michael Arrington founded TechCrunch in 2005. The website’s Technorati and is first in the Info/Tech category.

6. Mashable provides resources, news, and info for the joined generation. It’s one of the most engaged online news community. You can also watch videos about latest technology.

5. The nextweb

With more than 7 million monthly visitors this website is alive gem for professional geeks. The business and culture related to new technology are discussed in detail on this website. It provides the latest news on games, designer assets, software, web services and gadgets launched in the market.

4. TechRadar

This website gains your knowledge about technology. It has many trending tags like newly released tablets, mobiles, and laptops. This website also rates the mobiles and tablets.

3. The Verge

The, a website for tech freaks. A website where you find new product reviews and product info. It also reports on how the technology affects to your society.

2. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is a web blog about life hacks and software which was first launched on January 31, 2005. The site is owned by Gawker Media. It covers Windows, Mac, and Linux programs as well as tips and tricks. The staff updates the site about 18 times each weekday, with decreased updates on weekends.

1. Cnet

The aim of is to create an intelligent and knowledge society. It covers the broad range of technological products like phone, desktop, security, photography, tech culture, tech industry, Microsoft, Internet, Google, Apple,  etc.

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