6 best Whatsapp security tips

6 best Whatsapp security tips

WhatsApp is one for the Best instant messaging apps we can find all around us for Android as well as for iPhone and other devices. WhatsApp is currently the well-known instant messaging  application worldwide and it requires more security so we present you WhatsApp security tips. As we know Whatsapp has fully replaced SMS today. Today everybody is using Whatsapp on their smartphones. Whatsapp can now be easily installed on tablets that’s why it’s gaining more popularity. Today we’re here discussing some Whatsapp security tips by which you can easily secure your Whatsapp. So check out our list below and leave comments if you like it!

Best Whatsapp Security Tips

1. Put Your Profile Picture Wisely

Putting your profile picture on Whatsapp is by default public, which means anybody can save it if they’ve your contact and it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve their contact saved in your phone. Simply anybody can know about you with that profile picture if you’re using the same picture in other SNS accounts like Fb or Google+.

2. Hide ‘last seen’ timestamp

Not sure you want people to know when you are coming online or offline? It may not seem like vital information, but when a scammer already knows some extra things about you, adding that last piece of contextual info could prove useful to them – whether you’re awake or not, at home or overseas, coming out of the cinema or getting off a flight. You can disable or restrict who sees your last seen in Whatsapp’s Profile, ‘Privacy’ menu, in Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry.

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3. Deactivate WhatsApp if you lose your phone

WhatsApp offers users simple and useful security tips to maintain control of your account if your smartphone is lost or stolen. As well as secured your SIM card by your network provider, WhatsApp recommends that you quickly activate WhatsApp with the same phone number on a different phone, with a replacement SIM.

4. Careful what you talk about

Last but not least, use the same common sense you’d with any form of digital communication. Don’t send personal info if you can possibly avoid it – addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, – and never send your bank, common security or credit card details, or your passport or other identification details.

5. Limit access to WhatsApp instant messaging app DP

Set profile picture offering to “contacts just” in the Privacy menu to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from obscure clients and the people who are not in your contacts.People who don’t have any acquaintance with you can download your picture from your WhatsApp profile and, through Google Image pursuit, can figure out all the more about you so this would help you from all these issues.

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6. Deactivate instant messaging app if you lose your device

The one of the most imp WhatsApp security tips is that, On the off chance that you lose your smartphone, immediately actuate WhatsApp with the same telephone number on an alternate telephone, with a substitution SIM. One of the fundamental aim to establish safety that Whats App instant messaging app takes is that the application must be use by one number on one gadget at once, so by doing as such you immediately square it from being utilized on your old phone.

So above is all about 6 best Whatsapp security tips. I hope you like it so please don’t forget to share this post with others.