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Redragon’s new gaming mouse, the AATROX M811, is named after Aatrox, one of the most infamous characters in League Of Legends (LoL), and he is the most played multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game When playing online multiplayer strategy games like League of Legends, you need a comfortable mouse with plenty of time and lots of buttons to press Redragon’s new AATROX M811 is the MMO/MOBA gaming mouse – the AATROX M811 – with 15 buttons for quick and easy mapping and access to different character actions, abilities and skills.

On the left side of the AATROX M811 mouse are two standard browser buttons and an eight-button keypad block designed for MMO and MOBA gaming. All browser and keypad buttons are clickable and made of plastic. The browser buttons and keypad buttons are all made of plastic with a clicky feel. This makes it very easy to find and operate certain buttons. The position of the thumb rest is also perfect, being just below the keypad buttons. The thumb rest is also wide enough to accommodate any thumb size.

All buttons on the M811 are keybindable and macros can be easily set, from one-click to complex combo keybindings. Other features such as Rapid Fire, profile switching and media control are included and ready to use. Equipped with an advanced optical sensor, the M811 provides more stable and accurate data transmission. The adjustable reporting rate is triggered with every click.

Five redefinable DPI levels (default: 500/1000/2000/3000/6200), for easy switching between different gaming needs; 500-12400 DPI options can also be handled in software; 15 programmable buttons are all editable, with customisable tactical key bindings for any game or job. The default two-button and eight-button MMO side buttons provide quick access to hotkeys and key bindings. Turn on the backlight and defeat your enemies on the gaming battlefield. Dynamic RGB backlighting adds colour to your gaming space and works well with other Redragon accessories.

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