Deals » Deal: Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse for $49.90 only

Deal: Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse for $49.90 only

by Clinton Harding
1 minutes read

You might be wondering why the Logitech G502 was reviewed back in 2018. The justification is valid; Logitech has continued to sell this mouse for years, and the improved Logitech G502 and its wireless variant, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed, provided us still another incentive to buy it again.

The traditional mouse design is still present, but a new sensor has been added to help it compete with the greatest gaming mice now available. While some people will adore the design, it seems awkward outside of gaming environments due to its sharp, angular appearance. Additionally, it has a lot more buttons than a standard mouse, making some grip styles uncomfortable. However, there is almost anything to dislike for those who like the design.

The G502 Hero seems like equipment a pro would use right out of the box. Glossy buttons and slick hand rests with understated illumination that is still visible even when the mouse is completely grasped replace the steeply angled front. The buttons are highlighted by stylized lines, which also frame the textured sides. It appears powerful and ergonomic at first glance, which is more significant.

The weight of the mouse is mostly supported at the top rather than the base, making it incredibly light. Instead, a handy shiny tab allows users to lightly open the base to reveal a compartment for the supplementary weights that are offered. Additionally, practically every button can be reprogrammed, and the sensor’s sensitivity may be changed. This high-performance gaming mouse features a concept of versatility, total customization, and comfort in practically every aspect.

Modern technology is used in Logitech’s mechanical buttons to deliver immediate, pleasant feedback with each click. Precision gaming is easy thanks to the sensitivity, and the DPI can be changed by pressing the sniper button or the two auxiliary buttons next to the primary right and left clickers.

If you only need two DPI shift choices, all 11 buttons can be reconfigured. The profile cycle switch is included with the buttons that are easily changeable. In fact, you may save various button configurations to the onboard memory, enabling easy switching between games for various characters, classes, or game settings.

The scroll wheel’s two common scroll style choices—tactile and free-spin—offer one more sliver of customization. Despite the supposedly deep-set notches, the tactile setting is substantial and each notch has a pleasing click. However, your finger doesn’t receive much feedback.

But it’s quite simple to handle, making it ideal for deliberate movements. The free-spin technique is exceedingly quick and fluid. This item truly moves, making it perfect for seasoned gamers! If you choose to employ the free-spin option, you must be assertive because it moves quickly and won’t stop just by catching one of the notches; it also requires some pressure.

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