5 Things To Keep In Mind While Changing Your Company Logo

A logo needs to create the perfect first impression, as it’s the first visual identity that your customers come across when interacting with your brand. This is something that every entrepreneur knows. What most entrepreneurs don’t know is that sometimes it becomes a necessity to opt for a logo change or redesign.

Your company logo has been around for quite a while. Perhaps you designed the logo yourself, or you hired a logo designer to create one that you conceptualized. Although the re’s an excellent chance you still have some emotional bond to your creation, it might need to change if it’s unable to convey the right brand message.

It’s time to consider redesigning your logo if:

  • Your company’s products and services have expanded beyond what the logo conveys
  • Your store has gone online, and the logo has not adapted well to digital media
  • You don’t like the logo yourself
  • You have competitors with better logos in the market
  • Your logo has an intricate design and does not follow logo conventions

Now, let’s look at what you need to keep in mind when opting for logo change:

Logo Change Or Logo Design

A logo change is a major design decision, and this is more so when you have an established brand. If your company is 20 (or more) years old and your logo is something that your customers have related to well in the past, you can consider a logo redesign. If some minor enhancements can get the job done, then the re’s nothing like it.

However, if you’re considering a fresh design altogether, make sure you put in more thinking behind the new concept.

The original Apple logo had Isaac Newton on it

Try to envision subtle changes to your existing logo as your business progresses if your customers already relate to your existing design. The worst logo redesigns pulled off are the ones that change everything like imagery, color scheme, fonts, etc. all at once.

Keep It Simple

Ensure that your new logo has a simple design and color scheme. Customers always prefer logos that they can connect to easily. An attractive logo can use colors, typography, white space and more to create a subtle, yet enhancing effect, tied to an ‘aha!’moment.

See how Nokia’s logo has changed over time and become simpler

The Best logos in the world have a simple design, and that’s the reason why they have become memorable. Also, when you have a simple layout, you can easily reproduce it across different media.

Time And Cost

Designing a new logo won’t be easy. If you’re opting for a logo change because you’re joining the e-commerce bandwagon, you can take the help of online store builders.

Online store builders like Shopify offer free logo design solutions online. You can also consider hiring a designer, which obviously won’t be very cheap. All of this, of course, depends on the size of your business and the amount of time and money you’re ready to spend on your new logo.

While considering logo is redesigning cost, keep the logo implementation costs such as printing expenses in mind as well.

$625,000: The charges for designing the logo of the London Olympics

Don’t Compromise With Your Identity

A change in your identity is the last thing that you should enforce. It’s important to ensure that the new logo reflects the same brand image in an enhanced manner. Even if you’re considering a transformation from your old identity, the new logo should stand out as a powerful symbol of change.

Think Long-Term

A logo change is not a yearly exercise. Trends change every year, and that shouldn’t tempt you to redesign your logo. Ideally, the new logo should last you for at least for a decade. Apple changed its logo in 2007, and it’s still going strong!

Design a logo that is sure to stand the test of time, a logo that portrays your organization’s character indeed. Good luck!