How Adsense is different from Double Click or Admob?

Adsense is a content network for monetization.  doubleclick (dfp) is a technology platform to help publishers handle their inventory.  you should use both, DFP for direct sales and adsense for the remaining.

  • AdSense is a publisher network that permits almost any publisher to signup. Google AdWords is the most important buyer network on the AdSense network.
  • Doubleclick is subsidiary of Google, which develops andprovides Internet ad serving providers. Their biggest products are DFA (Doubleclick for Advertisers) and DFP (Doubleclick For Publishers).
  • AdMob is essentially a mobile ad network additionally owned by Google. Through which they allow app developers to monetize their apps and also promote them.

In layman’s terms:

  • AdSense is where you earn cash on your blog or website.
  • Doubleclick is a big advertising firm that works with the biggest advertisers and publishers.
  • AdMob permits mobile developers to make money by selling adverts via their SDK.

Adsense is essentially for small to medium sized publishes seeking to monetize their website. Doubleclick’s writer products interface with AdSense directly e.g. via backfill.

Roughly it’s best to consider these products in Web vs Mobile World. Here is a simplistic view.

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Or In simple language we can say that adsense provides advertisements on your blog or site.
Double click is an ad management system that manage direct ads(if you have the direct collaboration with advertisers or also they approach you directly). Which means that there is no income sharing with google but you can show your adsense ads in case if they have LOW CPM.