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How to create Dashboard Widget to Webpage on Mac OS

by Carmelia Derby
2 minutes read
How to create Dashboard Widget to Webpage on Mac OS

In this post, we’ll show you how to create Dashboard Widget to Webpage on Mac OS. Just keep in mind that if you put a widget on your Desktop, it will always show up in front of any open applications or windows. This trick works best on larger screens or if you use your MacBook with an external monitor, so that you have plenty of space onscreen!

The Dashboard on your Mac has a number of small apps, called widgets, that make it easy to get to important features and information. But not everyone likes the Dashboard. Some Mac users would rather turn off the Dashboard completely. If you want to know more information about this Visit Official Apple Support site.

If you don’t like the Dashboard but like the idea of widgets, why not just use widgets and skip the Dashboard? Dashboard isn’t used as much as it could be because it doesn’t have widgets that are relevant to the user’s hobbies. This trick lets you quickly make your own custom Dashboard widget from any web page or site element.

How to create Dashboard Widget to Webpage on Mac OS

We just made a “aurora borealis” forecast web page into a widget for a Mac desktop. Here are the steps we took:

  • Start the Safari web browser.
  • Go to this aurora borealis forecast web page.
  • Click the File menu.
  • Click the Open in Dashboard… menu item.
  • Follow the instructions to “Select part of the web page, then click Add”.
    • In our case We wanted the large numbers and map shown in the middle of the page, so we moved the mouse cursor around until Safari highlighted that section.
    • After clicking that main section, Safari lets you choose an even smaller portion of the web page. (This is nice, because on our first attempt, we created an enormous web page dashboard widget, lol.)
  • Once you’ve selected and minimized the portion of the web page you want to turn into a Mac dashboard widget, click the Add button.
  • Safari then takes you to your Mac dashboard screen, and in a few moments your new dashboard widget will appear.

What are Mac widgets?

Widgets are small programmes that give you quick access to functions and settings for things like music playback, your calendar, and the weather. They are not new to the Mac by any means. Dashboard, which came with Mac OS X Tiger in 2005, was where widgets used to live. There they stayed until 2014, when Mac OS X Yosemite came out. Then they moved to the Today View of the Notification Centre.

But until Catalina, you could still use the old Mac widgets in Dashboard. In Catalina, Apple got rid of Dashboard, so some widgets were no longer available. The big news about Big Sur is that the widgets you can reach in Notification Centre will be universal. This means that if you have a widget on iOS, you should be able to get the same widget on the Mac. This should mean that the Mac now has more Widgets than ever before.

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