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How to Create your Own RUN Command in Windows

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RUN Command

Create your Own RUN Command in Windows – All we know that the Windows operating system is the most used operating system in the world. It’s not because of its Simple and Easy Graphical User Interface but because of the great features that it includes to make the user day to day life easier. Right now we’ll learn how we can create our own RUN command’s that can directly execute your program and other applications. It’s an easy and simple technique of accessing applications rapidly.

Run is accessed by using shortcut WIN + R. This RUN command makes easier to entry applications with small command names and no need to search for application list. The Run command on Microsoft Windows operating system provides you to directly open the document or application with just a single command instead of navigating to its location. Just double-clicking on the executable icon. However, it only works for some of the inbuilt windows applications resembling Command immediate (cmd), Calculator (calc) and many others. So, have you ever questioned tips on how to create your personal custom-made Run commands for accessing your favorite programs, files, and folders?

Steps To Create Your Own RUN Command In Windows

Step 1First of all,  Choose the software for which you want to make a custom Run command. For instance, let us consider Mozilla Firefox. You could use any application or software other than which is already there in Run command.

Step 2.  Now, Right-click on the desktop and create a new Shortcut.

RUN Command

Step 3. As you choose the Shortcut, this will open up a dialog box asking the path of the application or software for which you want to create.

RUN Command

Step 4. Now that you must provide the path of the application’s .exe file i.e. “firefox.exe”. It can be found out on the C drive under Program files.

Step 5. After that only present, a relative identifies for the Shortcut meaning rename it with the identity which will likely be used as your Run command. For instance, “ff” for Firefox.

RUN Command

Step 6. Now click on Finish button. Then the shortcut of the particular application will be created on your desktop screen.

Step 7. In the next step simply cut and paste the created Shortcut into the root drive i.e. C:/Windows/. For this make sure you are the administrator of the computer.

RUN Command

RUN Command

Step 8That’s it! Now you’re done. 

This process of creating the Run command, if you can Open Run Command simply typeff to open Mozilla Firefox application.

RUN Command

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