Different Tips on How to Block Facebook Game Requests

Facebook has caught up with the world like a craze! It has taken social networking to an altogether totally different level. People have used facebook not just for networking socially with friends or group discussions or promoting companies. The y’ve even used it for entertainment within the type of popular Fb games like FarmVille, Candy Crush Saga, and so on. Such has been the usage, that I believe the 2 most frequently asked queries of 2021 would have been “When will Facebook get a ‘dislike’ button?” and “Tips on how to block Candy Crush game requests or FarmVille game requests on Facebook?” On this article, we will disqus different ways on  Tips on how to block Facebook Game Requests for any user i.e. some simple steps to block game requests or game invites on Facebook.

Why do People Send Game Invite Requests on Facebook?

When you think that it’s simply because your friends want to check how aggressive you are in a game they’re good at, then, you aren’t totally right. There are lots of more reasons for sending a Candy Crush Soda Saga game invite on Facebook or a FarmVille 2 game invite on Fb. A few of these games even credit score additional factors to the player who successfully invitations more people as referrals for enjoying the game. It might even assist the player to advance rapidly to the following level of the game he / she is playing. Such incentives make your mates strive looking for Fb users who can be a part of the game.

However, there may be also the case of them wanting you to check out an addictive game like Candy Crush, as a result of if the game weren’t good, it wouldn’t have nearly 10 million users globally.

The way to Block Facebook Game Requests?

Method 1:

Block Facebook Game Requests From the notification Area

A fast method to block Facebook Recreation Requests coming from your friends is instantly from the Facebook notification for such a game request. For instance, check below notification that I received for FarmVille 2 game.

Fb-Game-request 01           Block Fb Sport request From Notification

Now, at the prime right-hand corner of this notification, there may be an choice to “Turn Off” such requests below the ‘Settings’ option.

Fb-Game-request 02                  Fb Game Request Turn Off Option

We have to click on it and we can be requested for confirmation that you’ll not receive requests for FarmVille game (as seen below).

Fb-Game-request 03               Fb Sport Request Flip Off Affirmation

You possibly can affirm and that is it! You’ll get a hit message similar to “You’ll not get notifications from FarmVille 2″.

Fb-Game-request 04                     Fb Recreation Flip off Success Message

Thus, very quickly, you possibly can handle to block similar Fb Game Requests for different high Fb games (if you’re not interested in receiving them).

Method 2:

Block Fb Game Requests From the Apps > Games > Activity part

Within the second method, you’ll be able to click on on the Video games part under Apps after signing in to your Facebook account.

Fb-Game-request 05           Block Fb Recreation Request from Apps Part

On the video games web page, you’ll be able to select the option “Activity” to take a look at all game or app requests. Here, you possibly can see an possibility “Ignore All” which lets you block the requests in addition to the sport / app depending in your requirements.

Fb-Game-request 06                       Facebook Game Ignore All

Fb-Game-request 07                    Facebook game requests Ignore All success

Method 3:

Block Game Requests in Facebook From the Games Page

One other way is to look out for a selected game whose requests bother you the most and block it. From the Games page, you should utilize the top right-corner search bar to look out for a selected sport that you just intend to dam. For instance, I wish to block Candy Crush Soda Saga sport and will search for the same.

Fb-Game-request 08            Block Fb Game Requests from Games page

As soon as, I get the game, I can click on on the “Block” choice to get the desired outcomes. A confirmation pop-up will seem notifying you that nobody will be capable of ship you invites or requests for Candy Crush game.

Fb-Game-request 09                  Facebook Game Block Confirmation

You’ll be able to confirm it and enjoy utilizing Fb without any extra requests for that particular recreation to you.

I hope you’ll be able to block Fb game requests as per your convenience using any of the 3 methods discussed on this article. Please share another helpful tips that may have worked for you!