How to enable voice ID for ‘Hey Siri’ on iPhone

As we know “Hey Siri” allows you to begin your iPhone with your voice. If you have updated to iOS 9, you would like to ensure that it’s your voice and not someone else’. If you start using Siri for the first time, you need to prepare the system. While setting up your new iPhone 6s or 6s plus, the device asks you to use Hey Siri, then allow you to personalize it for your voice. Today we’re here with a trick by which you can easily enable voice ID for Hey Siri on iPhone 6s or 6s plus.

Yes, this is possible by this way that I’ve been discussed in the below article How to enable voice ID for Hey Siri on iPhone by just following the below steps.

Steps To Enable Voice ID For “Hey Siri” On iPhone

Step 1. First of all, open Settings on your iOS device.

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Step 2. Now tap on General > Siri and turn it ON and tap Setup now.

Step 3. Say Hey Siri! when prompted.

Step 4. Say Hey Siri! again when prompted.

Step 5. Say, Hey Siri, how’s the weather? when prompted.

Step 6. Say, Hey Siri, it’s me! when prompted.

Step 7. Say Hey Siri! one more time when prompted. and tap Done.

Step 8. That’s it! Now you’re done.

So above is all about How to enable voice ID for ‘Hey Siri’ on iPhone. I hope you like it so please don’t forget to share this post with others.