How To Add Recycle Bin On Android Phone

Recycle Bin on Android Phone

Add Recycle Bin On Android Phone – The recycling bin in our computers is one thing we’re always going to find. It acts as a type of backup the place we are always going to have access to the files we erased, whether it was by accident or not. There isn’t doubt that it’s very helpful for our computers. Unluckily, smartphones don’t automatically come with a recycling bin, and whenever you happen to delete one thing, you received have a lot of luck getting it back.

Currently, Android devices don’t provide you with the inbuilt option to recover deleted files. However, you can retrieve deleted text messages and different data utilizing 3rd party software on Windows. The dumpster is an easy app available on Google Play Store which may help you add recycle bin on Android devices. I’ve tried many such apps to counteract my hastiness in deleting junk files on my device. The dumpster is the perfect app that I’ve found which may mimic the exact functionality of recycle bin you find in Windows. When you install the app and allow it, all of the deleted files will be recovered from the Dumpster app. I know you need to try this app as quickly as possible, so let’s see how to add recycle bin to Android device utilizing Dumpster app.

Step To Add Recycle Bin On Android Phone

Step 1. First of all, Download and install Dumpster app from Play store.

Recycle Bin on Android Phone

Step 2. Now whenever you open the app, there will likely be long agreement displayed, either waste your lots of time to read those or just click on agree and proceed.

Step 3. Now in the next step, choose the media which you need to store in the app which will get deleted from your storage.

Recycle Bin on Android Phone

Step 4. Now, this app can store all the data that’s being deleted on your Android device.

Recycle Bin on Android Phone

Step 5. That’s it! Now, you are done.

Features Of Dumpster

  • Restore deleted pictures, music files, videos and just about almost any file type (pdf, mp3, doc, Avi, mp4, jpg, png, Ogg, text and far more.
  • Internet connection is not required.
  • Restore Dumpster backup files with a single tap.
  • Send files to Dumpster utilizing “share” or “send to” from any file manager or gallery app out the re.
  • Protect your privacy with a particular lock screen and access restriction.
  • Scheduled auto-clean of previously deleted items.

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