How to Block annoying game invites on Facebook


All we know that Facebook is one of the biggest social media network. Now it has become our necessary in daily routine to use Facebook for chatting and sharing status or photos with family and friends. We also play games on Facebook. But more than a social site, Facebook becomes a marketplace for advertisers and companies. So they try to make their products promoted through Facebook. It has become easy to develop any business on Facebook to make a model or product title widespread. Similar to all of the gaming firms have introduced games for various platform like Android and iOS. However, nearly all of them also add their games on Facebook. Because it will be easy for every to play the game along with Facebook.

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Many people don’t use Facebook to play games, and that’s why the most annoying part is the number of notifications we get for app and game requests. If your friends are playing Candy Crush, Mafia Wars or FarmVille, then expect to get many game requests in a day. Luckily, the re’s something you can do to stop game and app requests on Facebook. Facebook provide users to block users, app invites, event notifications and entire apps. Doing all of this is a piece of cake, and can be done from the same page.

Step to Block annoying game invites on Facebook

Step 1. First of all,  Login to your Facebook account.

Step 2. Click on the small Cog icon on top-right. Which will show you a drop-down menu, in which you will choose “Settings.”


Step 3. Now on the next page, Click on Blocking which you will see on the left-hand site.


Step 4.  Now Scroll down to Block Apps and typing the name of the app that you want to block on Facebook which suggests you do not want to get invites from that particular game or app.


Eg., In the below image I typed Candy crush and select Candy crush saga from a drop-down list of apps.

Thus, if you want to block some other app or game simply start typing the name and Facebook will automatically show you suggestion.

Step 5.  That’s it! Now you’re done. You have successfully blocked Candy crush saga, and also you may not receive any notification or game request from your friends.

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