How To Change LED Notifications On Android

Change LED Notifications On Android – Wherever your Android phone or tablet has a notification LED, then you know how convenient it can sometimes be. When you didn’t hear the notification sound or feel your device vibrating, the LED stays on so that you don’t miss something important. Simply a few years back, when notifications started blinking lights was a new thing for smartphones. However, these days each new Android phone has this feature and LED notifications are only moving. It has been said that great display of the notifications would be the next thing to happen, however currently, we got LED notifications as The Best choice accessible.

You should have noticed that there are few Android smartphones, which include customized LED notifications, however still, there are a few devices that still come with the default settings, and we have to customize them. So how will we deal with this and assure that even in these phones, we will have customized notifications? Well, The Best way is to have an app downloaded to your phone, specifically made to get that feature, so that without any stress you possibly can just customize your notifications. Here are the simple steps which can make your way easy.

Step To Change LED Notifications On Android

Step 1. First of all, Download the Light Manager app from the Google play store.


Step 2. Once the app is downloaded and you’ve got opened it, it should ask you to allow “Notification entry” just toggle it to ON.

Step 3.  Now press “Enable” on the pop-up screen. That has now confirmed the entry to Light Supervisor for the notifications.


Step 4. With Light Supervisor, you have complete freedom to handle the full range of notifications: missed calls, messages, e-mail, calendar reminders, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, low battery and more. Just scroll by and set those that are important for you.

Step 5. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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