How to Submit your Site to Google News submission Guidelines

Want to Submit your Site to Google News, you’ll be able to submit your site by following below-Guidelines. Getting your site content into Google News is a powerful means to increase viewership and build authority for your brand. But change your marketing business into a newsroom can be challenging without the proper processes and resources. It requires everyday publishing of compelling, relevant news content that connects value to the lives of those you’re trying to reach. To be included in Google News, you need to continue with Google’s general Webmaster guidelines as well as Google’s Google News specific guidelines. In certain guidelines, there are several technical requirements and quality guidelines, most of these are met with the power of using WordPress, assuming you use a standard theme.

Any person can submit their website to Google News Publisher; however, there are certain types of the rule you must fit for Google to allow your submission. In addition, to analyzing your website for unique content, Google will scan for the frequency of which you publish content, analyze the format and layout of your website for professionalism, and explore information about the writers who provide content to your site, among several additional important point.

At Compsmag, we also follow a related pattern. We created The Content Standard as a daily resource for marketers to get breaking news related to content marketing, SEO, social media, and advertising. moreover, we knew if we were going to be a trustworthy content marketing news source, an important part of our strategy would be approval into google news feed. You can also read how to Get more traffic on your site by reading this article SEO tutorial With Full Detail: Basic To Advance Level.

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