How To Check If Your Gmail Account Was Hacked

How To Check If Your Gmail Account Was Hacked – We often read about somebody’s Gmail account getting hacked and think that can’t happen to us as we access those accounts only on our personal laptop or smartphone. This assumption is wrong, and you can be shocked to know that your information on such accounts is pretty exposed to attacks from hackers. It’s easy to be over-confident for those who weren’t one of the many whose Ebay accounts got hacked, or Yahoo mail account was infected in recent years. In case your information has been secured so far without any precautionary measures taken, then, it doesn’t mean that it’ll remain so forever.

It is not only the hackers that can hack and access your personal data in Gmail, but even people with the personal vendetta against you can also make use of methods such as social engineering and keyloggers to steal your account login details and gain access to your Gmail account. Most of the time these things occur silently without your data, which is why Google has provided at your disposal, a simple way to verify whether your Gmail account was compromised or not. Here’s how to check if your Gmail account was hacked.

Step To Check If Your Gmail Account Was Hacked

Step 1. First of all, Go to

Step 2. Click on View all events in the Recent Activities section.

Gmail Account

Step 3. Now you’ll be able to view the current events in your Gmail account, which you show you when and where was your Google account accessed from, including the details if your account was accessed from a computer, smartphone, tablet or every other device along with the apps or web browsers used.

Step 4. Choose all of the events individually and check the location details provided. Click on details below location data to see the IP address of the computer or device from which your Gmail account was accessed.

Step 5. That’s it! Check out all the events carefully, and for those who see any suspicious IP address and location, you might want to change your password instantly. Last however not the least, I would suggest you allow the Two-factor authentication system and ensure that you use a secure password with combinations of each word, numbers and special symbols.

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