How to back up an Apple Watch

Backing up an Apple Watch is comparatively straightforward and positively a good suggestion. If your watch goes unsuitable or will get broken, it could be an added blow to uncover that every 1 private Data has been misplaced there too.

There is de facto just 1 complicated a part of the method, and that includes the storage of well being and exercise Data – for authorized causes, Apple can solely help this for you in case you keep in mind to encrypt it first. But we’ll get to that in a second.

For associated recommendation for different Apple gadgets, see Back up an iPhone or iPad and Back up a Mac.

Back up an Apple Watch

Here’s the straightforward half: The Apple Watch always and robotically backs up to its companion iPhone, and it is simple to restore from the iPhone if the Apple Watch is erased for any purpose.

For most functions, you do not have to do something: the backups are performed robotically and without person intervention. The solely method to manually activate a backup is to disconnect the Apple Watch from the iPhone, a course of that ensures that the phone is backed up (whether it is within the Bluetooth vary situated) however, that additionally erases the watch – so do not do it evenly.

If you are involved that the iPhone itself might be erased or misplaced, make it possible for all of that Apple Watch Data (with the potential exception of the well being and exercise Data) is backed up alternately when there’s iPhone is backed up – and we assume you do this frequently since you’re a reader and subsequently very sensible and wise.

You ought to do not forget that at this stage of its evolution, the Apple Watch is in some ways an iPhone accent reasonably than a really standalone product (we hope the Apple Watch 4 can exist without being tied to a iPhone, however, that is only a pipe dream proper now) and so everything on it’s saved on the iPhone too.

The Apple Watch backup contains all of the settings (together with the space display screen app structure), app Data, music / playlists and images. Please notice that it doesn’t embody the credit and debit playing cards utilized in Apple Pay, nor the watch passcode.

How to restore an Apple Watch from a backup

After ensuring that your companion iPhone is saved in an iCloud or encrypted iTunes backup, unmount the Apple Watch – which as mentioned will create a new backup on the iPhone – and pair it once more and set him in. Make positive to choose “Restore from backup” as a substitute of “Set as new Apple Watch”; then you’ll be able to set usually.

Back up health and well being Data

This is essential: Apple ought to solely back up well being / medical / health Data whether it is encrypted.

When backing up the corresponding iPhone to iTunes, remember to select the encrypted possibility. If you create an unencrypted backup, all of your Apple Watch coaching Data, efficiency and working occasions might be misplaced. (An iCloud backup is nice too – it is simply the unencrypted iTunes backup that is inflicting an issue.)

You create an encrypted iTunes backup in the identical method as an unencrypted 1 – robotically or manually, solely with the encryption possibility checked. The first time you do that, there’s an further step the place you choose a password. Do not overlook it! Not even Apple will know the password, so you may be full when it comes to your thoughts.

Help out! I’ve misplaced my Apple Watch Activity Data!

If you made an unencrypted backup when switching from 1 iPhone to 1 other, erased your Apple Watch after which paired it with the new iPhone and located that every 1 exercise Data for exercise is gone, do not contact panic: there’s a answer.

The coaching Data remains to be saved on the outdated iPhone … assuming you haven’t but erased it. Wipe the new iPhone, make 1 other backup the outdated iPhone (and remember to encrypt this time), restore the new iPhone from Which backup, swipe the Apple Watch and pair it with the new iPhone. After all that, you’ll find that the badges and durations have all come back.