How to leave a group text or iMessage chat on iPhone

Group messaging may be a smart way to arrange a journey along with your friends or have a shock celebration. But they may also be a supply of annoyance in case your iPhone continues to gentle up with notifications for calls during which you might be now not .

However, assistance is at hand as it’s really very simple to take a break from the banter. Read on and we’ll present you how to leave or mute a group messaging chat on iPhone.

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Make positive the group is set to Messages

We know this is likely to be an apparent 1 to say, however, with so many group messaging apps now in frequent use – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and lots of more – it is a good concept to check the dialog you leave is definitely on Messages and not 1 of the different providers earlier than you begin.

This will keep away from confusion as to why the steps beneath do not appear to work on your iPhone.

Leave a group chat

First of all, this is how you may utterly leave a group iMessage. You will now not obtain messages despatched to that dialog.

Open the Messages app and faucet the dialog you need to leave.

In the highest proper nook you must see a circle with an i in it. This is the data icon. Tap this and you will see a sequence of particulars and choices.

Scroll down to the underside of the listing and faucet Leave this Conversation, then Done.

I am unable to leave the group chat!

If you do not see the “Leave this Conversation” possibility, it is in all probability as a result of 1 or more of the members aren’t on iOS / iMessage, and Apple due to this fact has no management over the dialog. It is just not potential to leave a non-iMessage group text chat this manner.

(We perceive that you simply can’t leave a group message if there are fewer than 4 members.)

Fortunately, even if you cannot leave a group chat, it is nonetheless potential to mute the notifications, as we’ll talk about subsequent.

Mute notifications for a group chat

If you may’t leave the dialog (or perhaps you don’t need individuals to know you have had sufficient), you may at all times mute the notifications as an alternative.

This may be a momentary measure, resembling when your phone is low on energy, or you need to keep away from the gossip of who died on Game of Thrones this week and may simply be turned off once more at any time.

To find the setting, simply repeat the steps above and as an alternative of tapping ‘Leave the dialog’ faucet on Do Not Disturb simply above it after which Done. Again your life can be crammed with the candy bliss of serenity.