How To Restore Deleted Google Contacts

Restore Deleted Google Contacts – You just deleted in error contact your account Gmail. No downside, webmail Google now offers a feature that permits you to restore your contact list to a particular point in the last 30 days.

This feature will allow you not only get a contact that you’ve got by chance deleted but however also undo an addition, a merger or contact sync along with your smartphone went incorrect. To revive your contact list, press the “More Actions” and choose “Restore contacts.” What you need to do is select the model of your record that you just wish to be returned. Apparently, once you restore your contact record, the latest additions you have got made shall be lost as you revert to the past. Very useful this little tips.

Steps To Restore Deleted Google Contacts

Step 1: Open the new Google Contacts site inside your browser.

Step 2: Within the menu on the left, click on More and select Restore Contacts.


Step 3: Select the suitable time frame to include the deleted contact after which click on Restore.

Your deleted, merged and the edited contacts will all be restored to the point in time that you just selected.

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