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How to set a Passcode on Apple Watch

The default password length on Apple Watch is only four digits. And while it’s true that you don’t keep as much sensitive data on the smartwatch as on an iPhone, and your Apple Watch is probably safer from bad actors because it’s still attached to your wrist, it’s worth it when even worth creating this more secure access code. After all, it’s not like you have to enter your strong access code very often, right?

Today we will see how to change your Apple Watch password to a longer code. And we will also discover an interesting feature that allows you to completely ignore the entry of the access code.

Set a long, solid Apple Watch passcode

To get started, be sure to wear your Apple Watch. Then open the Watch the application on your iPhone. Scroll down and press Access code. You are now in the password settings screen. Before continuing, you can activate the Erase data which, like the same setting on iOS, will completely erase your Apple Watch if someone makes 10 incorrect unlock attempts.

Apple Watch password settings can be found in the iPhone Watch app.

Also take a look at the settings for Unlock with iPhone (which we will see in a moment) and Wrist detection, which is probably already on. Then turn off the Simple access code switch.

Simple access codes

For Apple Watch, “Simple Secret Code” means “four-digit secret code.” Disabling this setting allows you to set a longer passcode for better security. After toggling this switch, you must enter your current password before entering your new password twice (the second time to confirm that you typed it correctly the first time). You make all of these password entries on the Apple Watch itself.

Your new password can contain up to 10 digits.

You can enter up to 10 digits. As always, choosing an appropriate Apple Watch password is a balance between ease of use and increased security. Entering a 10-digit code on your iPhone is fairly straightforward. But do you remember that 10-digit code? This can be a little more difficult. You may want to write it down in a safe place while you are learning it, or keep the number in the safe of your preferred password manager. Or maybe you could choose to use a slightly shorter password.

However, if you know the following functionality, you may not need to enter this code very often.

Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to unlock your Apple Watch? If the watch is locked (which happens automatically when you take it off your wrist), all you have to do is unlock your iPhone – and the watch will also unlock. For this to work, you have to wear the watch and you have to have the watch and the iPhone next to each other. If you are using a Touch ID or Face ID, this will not be a problem. Your face, hands, and wrists are all close enough together unless you are a Fantastic mister.

And that’s all. If your Apple Watch locks while you’re actually using the iPhone, you’ll need to lock and unlock the iPhone to authenticate. But other than that, it’s another of Apple’s great practical features. This seems to imply very few compromises, in terms of security.

So this is it. Go review your Apple Watch password settings now. If nothing else, be sure to turn on the Secure erasure functionality. And if you forget your new password, it’s possible to reset.