How To Use Whatsapp On Your Computer

April 12, 2021

Use Whatsapp On Your Computer – WhatsApp is a very famous instant messaging (IM) client for mobile phones. It allows you to chat with your friends and share text, images, videos, audio clips fastly and quietly. This popular messenger is also utilized by professionals to share essential information and to attend office meetings. Now, Recently WhatsApp added voice calling feature to the app that allows users to call their contacts using the Internet. WhatsApp Web, the computer-based extension for the most important messenger app in the world, it also enables users to seamlessly sync their messages between their phones and computers no new account required. For those who send a message using the account on your phone, the action can be reflected in your computer.

All you need is an activated WhatsApp account, a stable web connection in your phone and computer, and the newest version of your preferred web browser. The process varies slightly depending on what kind of phone you have. So if you also wish to learn how to use WhatsApp on your PC, where we’ll show you use it step-by-step.

Steps To Use WhatsApp On Your Computer

Step 1. First of all, Open the website: out of your favorite web browser.


Step 2. It would load up a web page with a QR Code and some instructions. To do so, you will place your mobile camera in front of the computer screen, as if you were performing to take the photo, and it’ll read the code and automatically open a new window in your PC’s web page.

Step 3. Now, your conversation and chat messages will synchronize, and you’ll see them on your computer screen. It’s important to maintain your phone connected, or you won’t be capable of talk on WhatsApp from your computer.

Step 4. That’s it! Now, you are done.

Your chat and messages will synchronize, and you’ll see them on your computer screen. Maintaining your phone connection is necessary. Otherwise, you won’t be capable of talk on WhatsApp from your computer. Whenever you wish to stop using Whatsapp from your computer, other than closing the Google Chrome window, you could open the app on your phone, just go to “Settings < WhatsApp Web” and the re, you will see all the logins you’ve got made from your computers.
Whenever you press the ” Log out from all computers” button, all the sessions you’ve taken will shut down, and you will only be capable of using WhatsApp out of your cell.

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