How to make single name account on facebook in 2021

Today, Fb is the biggest social media site with millions of daily users. As per rule, it’s not possible to make a single name account on Facebook, without entering the last name on the Facebook profile because it’s against the Facebook policies. I’ve got a trick to make a single name account on FB without using the last name. Do you know, Indonesians are officially allowed to have a single name on FB as most of the people in Indonesia have only one identity and that’s why Fb allows them to have a single name.

Today we are here with a trick How to make a single name account on Facebook. Yes, this is possible with a simple way that I’ve discussed in this article How to make a single name account on Facebook by just following the below steps.

Step 1. First of all, Open the Mozilla Firefox browser, click on Tools > Options > Advanced > Network >Settings, and select “Manual proxy configuration” and then change the browser’s proxy from below given:

PORT: 8080

Choose any Indonesian proxies from

Step 2. Then, Save Settings.

Step 3. From your Mozilla Firefox browser, open your Facebook account and go to “General Account Settings”.

Step 4. Change language settings to “Bahasa Indonesia”.

Step 5. Then simply remove your Last Name And Save it.

Step 6. Now Change back your Language settings from “Bahasa Indonesia” to “English (US)”.

Step 7. After completing all steps remove “Manual proxy configuration” in Firefox Settings and select “Use system proxy setting”.

So above is all about How to make a single name account on Facebook of 2021. By these steps, you can easily make a single name account on Facebook.

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