How To Repair Damaged SD Cards

How To Repair Damaged SD Cards

Here is the most awaited trick to repair your damaged SD cards or pen drives, this trick is very useful for repairing your most of SD card problems, For this Purpose we are using Minitool partition wizard, It removes your previous partition which contains all the errors and creates a new partition free from all errors, If you SD card does not appear when you connect it pc then don’t worry open the Minitool partition wizard it will appear in it.
Follow the steps carefully and your problem will be solved

Advantages of the trick

1.) It can repair SD card damaged due to direct removal from android
2.) It can repair unreadable SD cards (Not Physically Damaged)
3.) It can repair the SD cards which are unable to format
4.) Removes all partitions(Including Linux Swap)
5.) Removes Viruses
6.) Removes Autorun and Shortcut Bugs


1.) It cannot repair physically damaged SD cards or pen drives
2.) It cannot disable write protection

Requirements :-

1.) Damaged SD CARD or PENDRIVE
2.) Card Reader (Only Card Reader No Other Device) (Max price 50 Rs/-)
3.) Minitool Partition Wizard

Warning :-

1.) Don’t change or perform any other option it may cause permanent damage
2.) In case of any error simply remove your SD card/Pendrive, Remove it and Restart PC and do steps again

Steps :-

1.) Install Minitool Partition Wizard.
2.) Connect Your Pendrive/SD card To PC (Use Card Reader Only to connect SD card)
3.) Open Minitool Partition Wizard And Look For your Pendrive/SD card .
(It its Size is Red then its in very bad condition and if green then its in good condition)
4.) Right Click On it And Select “Delete” .

15.) Then Again Right Click At “Unallocated Space” And Select “Create

3546.) Then Change These Values
Create As=Primary (Don’t Select Any Other Option either it may cause damage)
File System=Fat32

Partition Label =Put the Name of you your Pendrive/SD card

37.) Press OK And again at Your Pendrive/SD card and select “Format

8.) Finally Click At “Apply” .

4Wait 5-6 Minutes and its Done

If Any Problem occurs and pendrive appears Red in color then disconnect it and reconnect and go here and perform formatting steps


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