How to Set Time Limit In Windows PC


Set Time Limit In Windows PC – Social media, games and other computer-based diversions become more pervasive; many parents are getting it important to limit their child’s access to the computer. Unless it may become too central to a focus in the child’s life as study and social activities, decline. Apart from the above case. You’ll also want to limit your younger brothers from using your PC no more than the particular time. Could also be 1 hour or 2 hours. Microsoft implemented a variety of features for families in Windows 8 and 10 including the capability to set the time limits for a child’s account.

You may select which hours the account can be utilized on particular days and the period that the account can be used earlier than it logs out. So let us see how exactly can this be done in Windows.

Steps To Set Time Limit In Windows PC

Step 1. First of all,  Open the Control Panel by pressing the Windows key and the “I” key on your keyboard to open the Settings menu, next clicking the “Control Panel” option on the menu that appears. The  Control Panel will open.

Step 2. Then simply Click on the “User Accounts and Family Safety.” Now click on “Family Safety” and select the user account for whatever you want to apply a time limitation by clicking its icon.


Step 3.  Choose “Time Limits” To use a sure time limitation on an account, click on “Set time allowance” then use the drop-down menus supplied to pick a particular variety of hours and minutes your child or Friend is allowed on the computer.

You may set a different time allowance for weekdays and weekends. To block certain spans of time, such because the hours during which your child/friend is supposed to be doing homework, click on the “Curfew” then tap the white boxes for the hours you want to block on particular days.

For example, whenever you want to block the time of 5 PM on Monday and Friday, tap the hour block on these days to turn it blue, which can block it.

Step 4. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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