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How to silence force click On or Off for the Mac

Force Click allows you not only click like you would on a traditional, mechanical trackpad, but press harder to engage a secondary click, or a range of added click levels, that enable additional actions. For example, click on an icon and then Force Click to receive a QuickLook, or click on a word and then Force Click to get a dictionary definition. Force Click may affect a mechanical click in feeling and sound, but it’s just that—a simulation. And that means if you’d rather not listen that simulated sound, you can turn it off.

Yes, this is possible by this way that I’ve been discussed in the below article How to silence force click On or Off for the Mac by just following the below steps.

Steps To Silence Force Click On or Off For The Mac

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Step 1. First of all, launch System Preferences.

Step 2. Now click on Trackpad.

Step 3. Check Silent Clicking to disable the sound.

Step 4. To re-enable the clicking sound, repeat the same steps and un-check Silent Clicking.

Step 5. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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