How To Identify Fake Facebook Account Easily



Identify Fake Facebook Account Easily – Like all other Social networking websites out the re, Facebook has its share of Pros and cons. Talking about Cons, Facebook has seen a turbulent progress in Fake accounts. Most of those Fake Facebook accounts are both formed to spread spam and viruses or to dupe single users and keep their economic information. Whereas Facebook aims for offering The Best and most secure Social networking expertise for all, unfortunately, Facebook can’t do a lot to stop the creation of fake accounts.

Out of the 1.28 billion Facebook accounts, today the probability of Fake Facebook accounts may be someplace near to 20 or 30 % or even more. There isn’t any way Facebook can manually delete all these Fake accounts or create a program to do so. That the only way to improve make Facebook Safer for all of us is working together and reporting out any suspicious Facebook accounts. These four tips will help you to identify fake Facebook accounts and keep protected from these new breeds of cyber criminals on Facebook. That next time you get a friend request from a suspicious person, follow these tips below to identify if the Facebook account is real or Fake.

Steps To Identify Fake Facebook Account Easily

Identify Fake Profile Picture

First thing we see about any Facebook account is their profile image For those who find any Facebook account in your friend list suspicious, Very first thing you’ll do is use reverse picture search. That helps you know if similar photos are available on the Internet. First, download the profile image of the account you find unusual. Simply go to Google images Click on Camera icon which says Search by the picture, Click on Upload a Picture, now select the Image you had downloaded earlier, Now once the importing Completes, Google will show you Similar Images that exist already over the internet.

Notice Status Updates, Photos & Comments

It is the natural and most popular way to choose whether the account is fake or not. You must look for the status updates of the relevant report. If the account is fake, he/she will not take care of the status is good or bad. So, You possibly can simply notice a fake account by maintaining looking for their status updates. Different details are the pictures and feedback. You must point out the feedback left by the user you wish to try whether is real or not. You must also maintain looking for the photos, he/she is posting on their wall. You must also check out the photos on their Facebook profile if there exists only one image of a person, which account may be fake.

Girls Profile

Many of the fake profiles are created with girl identity and with a Pretty face as a profile picture, You may even find the phone number, Girls only will Share their contact number in public. A girl profile with many friends and followers indicates a Fake Profile. These had been some tricks to identify fake facebook account, which I wanted to share with you all, should you find any pretend profile then you and your friends can report it to Facebook.

Contact and number

Everyone knows that many of the girls don’t show their contact information and keeps them personal. So you shouldn’t simply get sway by looking a stunning pic of a girl! Only check whether contact details are seen or not and if they’re seen then chances are more that it’s a fake Facebook profile.

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